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    Default More questions from a beginner

    So i just received my bottle of Burberry London and i have to say that I am not very impressed. In fact i am kind of disappointed. Maybe my tastes haven''t developed very much or maybe the bottle is bad or maybe it's because the bottle is brand new but I am 20 years old and this scent seems very strong, deep and overwhelming, not something that most people in my age group want to smell. I guess i shouldn't have bought without sampling but there are no department stores near me and i don't have a car (college kid that bikes everywhere).

    I enjoyed Le Male (my first cologne I wore regularly) and i also really liked a bottle of Polo that my friend gave me but i don't know which type (polo black, polo blue, polo sport?) I was wondering if these pictures could help decipher it:

    The whole bottle.

    The cap.

    The bottom of the bottle.

    I wore this daily and enjoyed it a lot. I want to buy a bottle of cologne i can wear daily, just something with a pleasing scent that i enjoy, Burberry London seems like too rich of a scent to wear daily. What colognes do you guys recommend as daily scents?

    I was also wondering how long my bottle of Burberry London will last - like how long the scent will be good. I was thinking of reserving it as something i wear on more adult occasions as it seems like a more adult cologne but it is 3.3oz and i don't know how long it will last if i only use it for those special occasions. Maybe if it will last i can come back to it in a couple years when i am older and possibly appreciate the scent a little more.

    Thanks for the advice!

    EDIT: Okay so i have had Burberry London on me for about a half an hour and either the scent is fading or my olfactory senses are adjusting because the scent now seems more bearable and less overwhelming. I suppose this is just a scent I am going to have to wear lightly...which is odd considering many of the reviews say that the scent has bad projection throughout the day and typically only lasts a couple hours. In either case i don't think i was expecting the strong peppery scent and that threw me off. Advice is still greatly appreciated.
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    Default Re: More questions from a beginner

    You really can't judge a frag by it's smell right after applying or just smelling once. You really need to let it dry down some and keep trying it. You may find you like it!
    Before you buy anymore full bottles, remember my earlier advice about sampling even if you have to purchase them by mail. My Perfume has the cheapest prices because you can buy as much or as little as you want. Most are 1$-2$.
    As far as the bottle you are showing is concerned, it looks like Polo Explorer by Ralph Lauren.
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    Default Re: More questions from a beginner

    For many people Burberry London is a hit or miss.

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    Default Re: More questions from a beginner

    I wasn't sure about London my first wearing, either, but it gained favor with me pretty quickly from then on. Now, it's one of my favorite cold weather scents. I personally don't find it too rich or overwhelming, as long as I don't over-spray or smell it too close to the skin. On me, it has light projection and spotty longevity. Yes, it is a rich and deep scent, but only if you smell it right against the skin. It's projection is quite pleasant and much lighter than that. I could agree, though, in that I don't find it a "youthful" scent. Personally, I could wear it for anything, but I'm in my 30's. For your age, I could see it coming off as more mature or more for "formal" times. It's all a matter of perspective and taste, though, just like anything else.

    As far as how long it will long as you store it out of direct light and keep it in a cool place, it should last for years, so I wouldn't worry about that. If you really find you still don't like it, you can always try to swap it for something else by looking at what's available on the swap threads here on BN.

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    Default Re: More questions from a beginner

    Yes that looks like Polo Explorer, probably the last decent fragrance release from RL. Burberry London can be a little too mature for a 20 year old who likes Le Male. You could try these:

    Cartier Roadster
    Bulgari Blv
    Guerlain Homme
    YSL L'Homme
    Lanvin Avant Garde
    Armani Code

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    Default Re: More questions from a beginner

    Update: So it has been about 3 hours into my first wearing of Burberry London and I am actually really enjoying the scent now. It has become more mild and lost a lot of the peppery scent in favor of a more cinammon-ey scent which i really enjoy! I guess i shouldn't judge a scent based on what i smell at first (would you call these the topnotes?).

    In any case, i am regretting my purchase less and less the longer i wear London! I still am not sure whether its an every day scent or not, but i do agree that it is a fine winter scent and it does suit this time of year perfectly!

    That being said i probably shouldn't take these kinds of risks in the future. If it were the case that i didn't start enjoying London then it would have been pretty much wasted (unless i swapped it out), in any case i think i should just start purchasing samples online. Is the best place?

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    Default Re: More questions from a beginner

    Quote Originally Posted by SudoSilman View Post
    Is the best place?
    Not a bad place to start. Good competitive prices though the available options are not as extensive as those over at or

    Glad to know you're beginning to enjoy Burberry London.

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    Default Re: More questions from a beginner has good prices but charges more for shipping than perfumedcourt or surrendertochance. if you're buying a lot of samples go with otherwise, i use the other two, or ebay.

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    Default Re: More questions from a beginner

    Quote Originally Posted by whitelight View Post has good prices but charges more for shipping than perfumedcourt or surrendertochance. if you're buying a lot of samples go with otherwise, i use the other two, or ebay.
    As anybody here can tell you, Ebay isn't the safest place to buy. Perfumedcourt is too expensive for me. Myperfumesamples is cheap, and their free shipping minimum is pretty low; I have never paid for shiping there. I prefer luckyscent to perfumed court because there is a greater selection of the hard-to-find stuff.

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