Please Help me celebrate my 1 year anniversary with basenotes and pick my 20th bottle!

I have been on this very helpful, informative and entertaining form for almost a year.
Im amazed what I have learned in this year.
Not a seasoned as some of the vets here but 10 x your average joe.
My stats for 2012
Bought 35 bottles 16 of which I got rid of So 19 keepers thus far.
Aprox. 30 samples and decants and
Tried over 200 fragrances
Sadly only 2 reviews

I'm light in fall/winter scents right now and was looking for guidance , advice and suggestions and probably a lot of counseling.

I have tested all of these and like them all and am ready to pull the trigger, but cannot decide which one.

Jubilation XXV ( love but pricy)
Comme des Garcons sequoia ( wow delicious but will I tire of this one?)
Chanel Coromondel ( a mature gourmand , smells great but different each time I test )
Ramone Monegal agar musk ( feel like I have to have this one as I had to purchase samples 2 times to hold me over)
Ramone monegal patchouli (really nice , not sure if masculine enough for me Can't stop smelling this sample)
Dior homme intense (love dior homme)
Pure malt ( like it but a little sweet but like very much)
Dior au Savage parfume ( love love the myrrh note , not familiar with original)

Thanks in advance for your help.