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    Question Candle scent creators

    I'm thinking about starting a small candle line and would need someone to create the scents that I have in mind. Can anyone recommend someone, preferably in New York.

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    You could start with someplace like "Save on Scents" which is located in Brooklyn and which develops and sells craft oil dupes of popular fragrances for use in candles and soap etc. They have a huge line of ready made fragrances as well as single notes and accords, and it could be that you could blend something yourself or that they may already have something in the neighborhood of what you are looking for. They have something like 3000 different fragrances in their catalog. They may also be able to use their contacts to develop something for you to your specifications, but I don't know this for sure.

    One of the things that I have learned from making candles myself is that the compositions tend to be very linear, so what you smell is what you get when it burns is what you get for the life of the candle. There isn't the sort of transformation you get with perfume or cologne as it dries down, so it makes composing something yourself less complicated. Also, certain notes vanish in wax and other notes can take on unpleasant characteristics, and fragrance notes react differently to different waxes, so you have to test quite a bit to land on something that works.

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