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    Default TF Italian Cypress reminded my Grandma...

    Got a decant recently and TF private blend is one of the niche i am trying after Creed and Le Labo.. The opening is very strong and pungent to me..I just waited 40 minutes for the medicinal smell to go but it never did. It reminded me of something that i smelled and i went to bed thinking about what it is . Morning i got up and smelled my wrist and it was the Turpentine oil my grandmother used for medicinal purpose. It is not a pleasant smell at all. I am trying to like it but so far could not.
    Oud Wood for tomorrow


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    Default Re: TF Italian Cypress reminded my Grandma...

    I've never smelled it, but I've found that some of the Tom Ford Private Blends require a dash of cold air to get them to liven up a bit. For example, I thought Tobacco Vanille was very nice when I wore it the first time just around the house, but when I wore it again and went outside to do errands and chores, it became a MASTERPIECE. To the same extent, I find Tuscan Leather to be a lot less harsh when you are outside, though it's still just okay for me. I can see why others love it though (you just really have to like leather).

    Good luck with Oud Wood. I ended up passing on a decant of that in favor of NP. Hope I made the right choice.
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    Default Re: TF Italian Cypress reminded my Grandma...

    Smells a lot like Polo (green) to me.
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    Default Re: TF Italian Cypress reminded my Grandma...

    Dead ringer for Halston Z-14, just with better quality ingredients and the pledge lemon note removed.
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    Default Re: TF Italian Cypress reminded my Grandma...

    Didn't care for this one at all.

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