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    Default Recommendations for a first timer fragrant user...

    Hello everyone I recently just joined this forum!

    I am looking to purchase a fragrance for my boyfriend. He current uses Lynx Dark Temptation Cologne and I do like the smell of this because I feel it's not too sickly sweet. But I'm hoping to expand his non existent collection.

    Here are some that I have smelt recently:

    Rochas Man - smells too much like plastic to me. Sickening.
    1 Million - I liked it but I don't love it. There's nothing I just am not sure on...
    Allure Homme Chanel - It's nice but I dont really like the pepper smell in it.
    The One D&G - I really liked the top notes but HATED the tobacco on the basenote. That's all I can smell.

    So basically, something not too sickeningly sweet, no tobacco and no peppery smells.

    I do really like:
    Laura Biagiotti - Roma Uomo
    DKNY Men - The long tall bottle.

    But I don't really want to get either of these because my ex-boyfriend from three years ago use to wear them.

    Any suggestions? My boyfriend is 30 years old, does not go clubbing, doesn't like tobacco or strong pepper smells and doesn't want a fragrant that's too in your face.

    Suggestions...? Or am I being too picky? :P I live in Australia and we basically have a Terry White Chemist and a Priceline that sells perfume. Haha. Not much to pick from!


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    Default Re: Recommendations for a first timer fragrant user...

    I have not smelled Lynx Dark Temptation, so I do not know what would work. But it seems you tend to prefer fresher smelling things rather than darker ambery ones. My favorite fresh material is vetiver, which smells fresh, slightly green and grassy. Examples would be Tom Ford Grey Vetiver, Guerlain Vetiver, or Encre Noire. Another good fresh one would be YSL Rive Gauche for men.


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    Default Re: Recommendations for a first timer fragrant user...

    prada amber pour homme is a light spring/summer scent

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    Default Re: Recommendations for a first timer fragrant user...

    Carbone de Balmain
    Burberry London

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    Default Re: Recommendations for a first timer fragrant user...

    Cartier Declaration Cologne
    Chanel Platinum Egoiste
    Dior Higher

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    Default Re: Recommendations for a first timer fragrant user...

    Play Intense
    Dior Homme / Intense
    Currently wearing: Legend Spirit by Montblanc

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