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    Default Re: - Is it legit? Is it reliable?

    They are no longer legit. Look them up and you will find tons of recent complaints about them taking peoples money and never sending their orders. Their customer service is also fake.

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    Default Re: - Is it legit? Is it reliable?

    After reading the multiple complaint posts by the above user, I figured something happened to their company or it was a misunderstanding, because I've never had an issue in the past. I received an email from recently with this message:

    " is located in Thousand Oaks, CA. Our office was closed due to the Woolsey Canyon wildfire. We were forced to relocate suddenly, as well as replace most of our inventory. At the same time, our main supplier went out of business creating another obstacle. We have been operating for nearly 10 years and have never experienced a setback like this. I made the decision to continue taking orders and attempt to get caught up faster than was realistic. I underestimated the time needed to set up a new office, restock and fill the orders we received during the closure period. Before we could set up our new office, the holiday shopping season commenced with Thanksgiving weekend, the busiest shopping period of the year. Initially, I estimated a 7-10 day delay in shipments however this was not a feasible goal in our current state. It took over two months for us to ship all the backlogged orders. Most customers have experienced a 21-30 day delay in receiving their orders, this is not only embarrassing but unacceptable. In hindsight, I should have paused ordering on the website instead of continuing to take orders and upset more customers with delays.

    I sincerely apologize to all of our customers for any undue stress or upset caused by your order not arriving on time or from lack of communication about the status of your order. I have learned a lot from this experience and will move forward with better communication and transparency in our process. We have new suppliers and the staff is committed to providing a high quality customer experience as we have for many years.

    I regret the inconvenience this has caused, we are working to respond to individual order questions and concerns. I am personally addressing many escalated complaints and concerns."

    It was then signed and addressed by the president of the company.

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    Default Re: - Is it legit? Is it reliable?

    I understand this thread is slightly old, but I ordered from them this weekend. I spent hours shopping, choosing, reading reviews on different fragrances, and checking out different sites. I settled on for price and selection. I ordered a lot, both men and woman samples. A lot to the point that if they are really a scam now, I won't be reordering from another place anytime soon. I spent $200. Not looking like a good first experience in fragrance sampling. Anyone deal with them in the past couple of months? Maybe they are back on track?

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    Default Re: - Is it legit? Is it reliable?

    They are legit, so, no worries!

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