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    Question Aura For Men Jacomo......?

    Has anyone tried this ?
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    Default Re: Aura For Men Jacomo......?

    I own it. Very nice scent.

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    Default Re: Aura For Men Jacomo......?

    I had it, but swapped it away. I kind of regret it though, I kind of miss it, but I didn't wear it enough. To my recollection, it was very much along the lines of Gucci Envy, with a strong tea note, and a different type of incense. I'd say Envy is more suitable for cooler weather though, while Aura is more seasonal. There's definitley a heavy dose of ginger in Aura too. It's got a little of this and a little of that, but overall, well balanced. Reminds me of a better version of Samba Heat, if you've ever tried this.. I believe it won some sort of FiFi award some years back.

    Also, big points for the bottle. That alone was almost worth the 15 bucks I paid. A real statement of a bottle!
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    Default Re: Aura For Men Jacomo......?

    Outstanding value for the money - to my nose, half 90s casual, half 80s powerhouse, these nose being even mingled with style and balance.
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    Default Re: Aura For Men Jacomo......?

    I have it and like it a lot.
    But it's in my short lasting scent drawer. I only get about four hours of good strength out of it.

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