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    Default Bottles of **vintage Diorling**, Dior Homme, A*MEN, Cartier Declaration for decants (CONUS)

    These bottles are all unboxed and at least 95% full. I can send you a picture to show you the exact amount-- generally I've sprayed a few times and decanted a few 1 ml samples here or there.

    Vintage Diorling 1 fl oz. Houndstooth bottle, label yellowed/faded, opened but basically full. Juice is still great.
    Cartier Declaration 100 ml
    Dior Homme 50 ml
    Tartine et Chocolat Ptisenbon 50 ml
    A*MEN-- refill type bottle 30 ml

    My tastes are pretty wide-ranging although I have gravitated back to feminine scents recently. Would consider bottles but am very happy to swap for decants as I like variety. Try me-- equal value is not paramount as I really want to get these bottles off my hands. I enjoy tuberose, other white flowers, vetiver, galbanum, iris, lavender, tea, woods, citrus, benzoin, etc.

    currently looking for a few things in particular:
    - Carnal Flower
    - Vol de Nuit
    - Prada Candy
    - Guerlain Eau Imperiale or Eau de Fleurs Cedrat or similar
    - lots of niche samples, especially American companies
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    Default Re: Bottles of **vintage Diorling**, Dior Homme, A*MEN, Cartier Declaration for decants (CONUS)

    ill ship first since i have 0 feedback, maybe we can work something out?
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