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    Default Replique vintage

    I've just bought a vintage Replique and it is in the traditional bottle, the one with the tulip stopper, not the crown. It stands about 2 1/2 inches tall, so I imagine it might be 15mls.

    My question is this - how old would this version be and would it be the pure parfum? My seller was not a perfume retailer, so she didn't have any real information on it.

    As to Replique, generally, does it age well? I have an old mini, which still smells gorgeous to me (witness the fact that I immediately sought a bottle of the old stuff), is dark, treacly looking. So is the bottle I bought. In fact, most bottles are dark in colour. This may, of course, reflect the original colour, or the ageing process.

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    Default Re: Replique vintage

    LiliB, is this your bottle? The ad is from 1974.

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    Default Re: Replique vintage

    Hi Cincy

    Yes, that's my bottle. So the juice may be quite old, hence the dark colour. Mine looks like it may still have been sealed, so I'm hoping that the evaporation hasn't harmed the quality of the perfume.

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    Default Re: Replique vintage

    I have a bottle of Replique parfum in the newer bottle (the one with the stylized French tricolor on the label). It's darkest brown and smells divine.

    PS, There's a pic of it in the Collector's of Rare and Discontinued Frags spot on this site, if you want to see.

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    Default Re: Replique vintage

    The newer bottle is reasonably easy to get, so I'm pleased to hear that the juice you have is dark.

    Isn't this a marvellous, unusual perfume, a real perfumer's triumph, alchemy as well as art, definitely of another time. Nonetheless, I shall wear it with pleasure and pride. It can't be any more difficult to understand than some of the bizarre offerings of the niche brigade. Their aesthetic can also be challenging to the mainstream ideas of perfumery.

    It'll test just how sophisticated the husband's nose for the unusual is. So dense, so perfumey, so woody, so spicy, so very different. This one is definitely not 'flowery' nor 'summery', his two favourite expressions.

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