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    Default Ambre Narguile/Pure Havane close?

    Do you find these fragrances similar or even the same? I have just tried Ambre Narguile once but it really reminded me of Pure Havane. Does anyone else share the same opinion or am I being tricked? Haven't done side by side comparison but on different not distant days of wearing both are close to each other.

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    Default Re: Ambre Narguile/Pure Havane close?

    Very different to me.

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    Default Re: Ambre Narguile/Pure Havane close?

    If you try hard, you can detect some of the warmth that both carry, I guess. Other than that, I'd have to disagree with the similarities. I own both and like both, but they're not much the same. I'd rather compare Back to black and Pure havane, where it's a classic "throwing more money at something makes it better, but not absurd amounts of better".

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    Default Re: Ambre Narguile/Pure Havane close?

    not particularly although they are both syrupy sweet

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    Default Re: Ambre Narguile/Pure Havane close?

    I definitely don't see the similarity as I like Ambre Narguile but despise Pure Havane. With one you get sweet apple pie and the other you get sweet tobacco and cough syrup/cold medicine. Just IMHO. For the record I like the other flankers.
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    Default Re: Ambre Narguile/Pure Havane close?

    Both are very sweet, although you can definitely feel the quality in AN when compared side by side to PH.

    With that said I love the vibe of PH, and it's much better in terms of projection, longevity and sillage.
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    Default Re: Ambre Narguile/Pure Havane close?

    Quote Originally Posted by kocy View Post
    am I being tricked?
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    Default Re: Ambre Narguile/Pure Havane close?

    Something is amiss if you believe these smell alike. As different as can be. But both very nice fragrances, which I enjoy.
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    Default Re: Ambre Narguile/Pure Havane close?

    I suppose they are simmilar in a sense, but not close.

    I found 24 gold to be close!
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    Default Re: Ambre Narguile/Pure Havane close?

    Pure Havane and Animale Animale share commonalities in their openings. Ambre Narguile is a much richer and denser fragrance.
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    Default Re: Ambre Narguile/Pure Havane close?

    Pure Havane is one of the best fragrances on the market. Ambre Narguile is OKAY to me.
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    Default Re: Ambre Narguile/Pure Havane close?

    I see no similarities whatsoever. Ambre Narg is often not compared to anything, however 24 Gold smells A LOT like it, at a fraction of the price. The only major difference to me, is 24 Gold, has more amber in the dry down.
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    Default Re: Ambre Narguile/Pure Havane close?

    Don't see any similarities at all with PH and AN, except they're both hella nice frags.

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