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    Default YSL M7 (Fresh), the first batch produced, and some interesting discoveries....

    Today I purchased a 100 ml. bottle of YSL M7 Fresh in a store, they sold it at 50 euros, only two left, I bought one and thought it was not so bad, at that price. (100 ml new and sealed). Okay....

    Back at home, I checked the 4-letters batch code, and discovered it was produced in the first half of 2004. This was the VERY FIRST M7 Fresh produced, I was excited about it.
    Then I made an experiment: I opened the bottle, put it on table for 15 minutes to "rest", and in front of a lamp I tilted the transparent bottle, and.... MAGIC ! I saw an incredible display of dust and microscopic particles dancing inside the bottle! If you have a bottle, try yourself. By the way: tilting the M7 reformulated bottle, I cant see any particles swirling and dancing inside the bottle.

    Since It was a bottle just opened, although almost 9-years-old, I think the dancing particles were the famous Oud/agarwood oils diluted in.
    (however, I read M7 Fresh is only a dilution of original vintage M7)

    The last note: M7 Fresh opens with a blast of citrus, it's very pleasant, and after half an hour, turns in the classic M7 tones. That's in my opinion.

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    Default Re: YSL M7 (Fresh), the first batch produced, and some interesting discoveries....

    It's a very nice scent and a worthy flanker IMO.

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