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    Lightbulb What perfume surprised you?

    Didn't think I'd like but love: CBI Hate Perfume Black March- I smelled it in the vial and said "Wow! That smells like dirt! It's amazing but I don't think I want to smell like that!!!" I put some on and now I can't stop sniffing my wrist. It morphs into something 'so-much-more-than-dirt'. I love it!!! (longevity remains to be seen..)

    Really thought I'd love but I don't: Burberry Touch for Women. I read the description and expected to love it. I got some on a spray-card and kept it for a week, and really thought it might be the one. I put it on my wrist and it morphed into something vaguely masculine-aquatic. Do NOT like! And it gave me a headache. (I really wanted to love you Burberry. I really did. Why do all your scents turn aquatic on me? Except for Weekend. I still like that one.)

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    Angelique Encens.

    Thought it'd be a huge feminine floral with a meager incense base.

    Turns out its very nice.
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    I was searching for some possible present suggestions in terms of female fragrances, knowing that the holidays are coming up and at least 2-3 scents wowed me:

    Ardenbeauty by Elizabeth Arden- I knew that this fragrance house is affordable, but often being a "mixed bag" in return, releasing both good and rather plainly unsurprising frags, so I tried this one and discovered a maturely, no-nonsense elegant scent
    Several Aqua Allegoria by Guerlain, including a tangerine-based one- again wow, especially the tangerine one, knowing full well that this range of scents is rather so-so in my opinion, correctly made, decent quality, but nothing outstanding, yet the exuberantly rich, slightly astringent, even zingy yet only moderately acid citrus note made my day and even prompted me to consider this suitable for unisex wear

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    Aroma M's Geisha Noir roll on perfume oil - didn't expect from a roll on perfum such intensity and longevity on skin . Beware: this is not a skin scent !!!

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    Default Re: What perfume surprised you?

    Sake by Fresh. It looked like just another run of the mill scent strip insert from Sephora years back, but was a whole new world when opened, so different from everything else. One of the few fragrances of which I've bought a second bottle.

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