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    Default Coup - Blue Carnation mini

    It's official. I'm totally addicted to the vintage perfume world. Yes, I admit it, I like those old lady perfumes

    Today I'm bathed in a golden haze of Ma Griffe vintage parfum and I'm loving it. Even my dear husband is developing a discerning palate for the more unusual. He pronounced the Ma Griffe floral, rather than strangely green, which is what I was fully expecting. 'Very nice', he said. High praise indeed, from a truly laconic person, when it comes to assessing perfumes.

    My beloved, growing collection of minis is the most promising way to sample and judge older, sometimes golden treasures. I put a bid in for a bottle of Blue Carnation, rare as the cliched 'hen's teeth'. And for the small sum of some $20, I have a small bottle coming in the mail.

    To say I was surprised to see a mini of this long discontinued gem available at all, was a great surprise. To get it without too much pain, was an even greater surprise. It is, along with a little gift of vintage Fracas pure parfum in a gorgeous little bottle, my most exciting mini.

    The icing on the cake is that I now have a bespoke perfume mini cabinet, with little shelves designed to show off these little treasures. That was last week's gift from the lovely husband to whom my obsession with perfume is as perplexing as it is misunderstood. Having that new cabinet certainly pleases my 'neatness freak', 'librarian's heart'. I do love order

    I have sampled Blue Carnation from a generous friend, and although it didn't sing, I suspect it will be one that will most certainly be loved with more than one wearing. I think because of its rarity, I didn't really give it the attention it deserved. My thought was, 'if I love this, I won't be getting any more, so what's the point of falling in love'. From what I have read, this is regarded as a true benchmark of the carnation perfumer's skill. So, it remains to be seen, just what is inside that dear little bottle.

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    Default Re: Coup - Blue Carnation mini

    Oh my gosh, LiliB, I discovered Blue Carnation through one of those vintage perfume nips that contain only a few drops. It was instant love. I, too, was able to get a partial bottle on ebay, and I so treasure it. What an amazing clove scent! And how wonderful to discover that vintage fragrances don't just automatically "go bad", as I always thought. The ladies of bygone years knew how to rock a fragrance (eg Shocking by Schiaparelli -- that's a bad-a$$ dame!).

    My husband is likewise perplexed a bit by my new hobby. His reactions are usually "That's strong!" or, occasionally "YES!"

    There is a group here called, I think, "Scent of An Old Woman" that despite it's daunting title is a good place for lovers of vintage perfume. Come check it out. And best wishes with your collection! Lisa

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    Default Re: Coup - Blue Carnation mini

    Thanks Lisa

    I am blessed, or cursed, with an elephant's memory and things that whistle over the head of the average perfume lover, positively shout at me from the screen, saying 'you must try that classic. It's one you've heard good things about'. I'm lost on an endless highway of new experience.

    On the basis of your answer I have just dabbed on a little of the mini 'Shocking' that came in a gift of a friend's mini collection. Unfortunately it has the characteristic burnt sugar vibe that indicates it hasn't aged well. But what's left is truly interesting. (Note to self, keep an eye out for an inexpensive bottle - 'Yeah right')

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    Default Re: Coup - Blue Carnation mini

    After waiting for what seemed an eternity, the Blue Carnation arrived yesterday. It was suitably light in colour, black tea, and it would have been a 6ml bottle, with just a tiny bit missing. At a mere $23, it should be a bargain, if it is genuine. Fortunately I'd tried some before and knew just what I should be getting.

    The verdict - perfect. It began as a strong, exceptionally strong, clove dominated perfume. It opened with an almost harsh but not synthetic rush. As it wore for an hour or so, the clove dissipated to a genuinely delicate carnation. No doubt there were other notes there, but I really couldn't detect anything but carnation.

    Given its status of being long discontinued, and from an era when carnation absolutes were certainly used, this was indeed a coup. It's eminently wearable and if, like me, you love true carnation, it is worth pursuing. However, it's scarce, incredibly scarce, and I have only ever seen this example.

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    Default Re: Coup - Blue Carnation mini

    I love your "bespoke" cabinet! Enjoy!

    I do love Blue Carnation as well. I once owned a decant received in a swap from a generous lady. However, I can't say that I am particulary sad now that the last drop is gone. I have discovered vintage Bellodgia which I love even more and Etro Dianthus for when I want my carnation joyful and sparkling.

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