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    Angry Cologne and skin chemistry

    Can colognes change from person to person based on their skin chemistry? I read some very pleasant reviews of Azzaro Visit and deiced to blind buy since I found it relatively cheap. The bottle omits a pleasant smell in my room, but when I wear it, it smells very synthetic or chemical-like. The first time I wore it I got the sense cedar and it was very pleasant, but I have not since. I read some reviews of others getting the same chemical smell. What could be causing the change from pleasant to overwhelming synthetic smell?

    Also, is there a way to tell if a cologne will poorly react with your skin chemistry?
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    Default Re: Cologne and skin chemistry

    The only way to tell if it'll react poorly with your skin is to try it on. It's just like when you're trying on jeans to make sure they make your badonkadonk look bootylicious.

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    Default Re: Cologne and skin chemistry

    Yes it absolutely can happen. Almost all of the Burberrys (except for Weekend) smell great in the bottle or on the card but they turn 'masculine-aquatic' on my skin (and I loathe aquatic).

    My Trish McEvoy 9 however smells as good or better on me than it does in the bottle! It all depends.

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    Default Re: Cologne and skin chemistry

    Quote Originally Posted by hapy45 View Post
    Can colognes change from person to person based on their skin chemistry?

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    Default Re: Cologne and skin chemistry

    Scents absolutely smell different on different people. And there's really no way to tell beforehand, you just have to try it on. After a while though you might be able to recognize that certain notes often don't work well on you - I have for example discovered that many citrusy wood fragrances don't work on my skin at all and end up smelling like lemon curd gone bad (not nice). So I always make sure to try those types of fragrances on my skin and let them develop fully before I purchase them.

    If fragrances that don't work on your skin have certain notes in common it might be wise to refrain from blind-buying fragrances with similar note compositions.
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    Default Re: Cologne and skin chemistry

    Part of the problem is that on skin the scent goes quickly to the middle and base notes, while in the air or on paper it maintains the top notes for longer. top notes usually are pleasant citruses, but then in the base many modern masculines have the aquatic vibe kaelee was describing. So one needs to let a frag fully develop on skin, as said above.


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    Default Re: Cologne and skin chemistry

    what you are complaining about is the quality of the perfume

    many cheap perfumes smell nice only for 5 minutes and your skin is certainly not the culprit , thats why blind buy is not recommended, you have to wear it several times for 5 hours, so you know if you really like it or not , weather its a good frag or just cheap one without structure, good scents dont loose their structure for 5 or more hours

    you can allways spray on clothes if you think the skin does something to the scent or vice versa...some perfumes need skin to warm them up....


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    Default Re: Cologne and skin chemistry

    Absolutely yes. That is why other persons recommendations are really difficult to go by. What smells great on my skin may be terrible on yours and the reverse. One must try the fragrance on his/her own skin and allow the skin to live for its duration, several hours at least. Then you can be certain whether or not that scent sits well on your particular skin type. In my case, Creed's M.I. does not sit well on my skin. Most people state that it is a wonderful scent on theirs.

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    Fragrances absolutely change from person to person!

    This is why A*Men Pure Leather to some people smells like a toned down leathery version of A*Men (which I love), while on my skin Pure Leather smells like someone sneezed on my hand with morning breath!

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