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    Default Smell Bent - Holiday Happening Series

    Smell Bent has some new fragrances for the holidays. One of which is the return of one I've never tried - Dead of Winter. Has anyone tried these yet?

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    Default Re: Smell Bent - Holiday Happening Series

    I just got samples of 4 today, and have already tried all of them (I have a hard time with patience...)
    Dead of Winter was a freebie thrown in-I was hesitant about it because of the anise note (not being a huge fan of licorice in frags), but it was a more than pleasant surprise. Anise/fennel opening, with vanilla underneath-it dries down to a fairly sweet vanilla/heliotrope concoction that works for me as a holiday fragrance but might seem cloying in another context.
    Winter of Love is patchouli/woods/tonka, and I LOVE it. To me, it's quite reminiscent of Coromandel or Chantecaille's Kalimantan, which I've just discovered and am newly obsessed with. This is the least sweet of the 4 I tried.
    Bolshie Vixen begins with an odd, at least to my nose, note--possibly the hazelnut. It dries down to sweet-cinnamon-syrup, a bit like red hots candy. I'll have to double-check, but this might be, at least on drydown, a near-dupe for SL's Rousse.
    Lady Dreidel is musty chocolate initially to me, though it dries down to a slightly spicy, more coherent chocolate/sweet scent.

    This is only my second order from Smell Bent, and it was way more successful than my first (which introduced me to Commando, which is great, but little else I enjoyed). Hope this helps anyone thinking to sample some of these!

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    Default Re: Smell Bent - Holiday Happening Series

    I've sampled Dead of Winter and Ice Station Zebra. I'll try and describe what each of these smells like without really bothering with notes. Dead of Winter smells basically like a licorice and vanilla candy. It is very sweet. Ice Station Zebra is also a pretty basic smell. It's smells like a cross between the clear halls cough drops and wrigley's wintergreen gum. Gives off a huge menthol note which can make your eyes water.
    I have a few more samples coming: Commando, Chili Vanilli, Bollywood, Hungry Hungry Hippies, and one other.
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