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    Default Getting annoyed at Escentual now

    They used to and still have on some lines at least 10% of the RRP. But now look at Amouage, Juliette Has A Gun and other niche fragrances, they are priced similar to Harrods / Selfridges / Harvey Nichols.

    Is it just me or are they forgetting they are an online only?
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    Default Re: Getting annoyed at Escentual now

    I find that more and more online retailers are shrinking or eliminating their discounts on certain brands.

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    Default Re: Getting annoyed at Escentual now

    bgoc, escentual will have an agreement with their suppliers where they stick to the rrp, like most retailers. if they don't, the supplier can stop selling to them. and you wouldn't really use niche lines as your loss leaders, because they are likely to sell less anyways.

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    Default Re: Getting annoyed at Escentual now

    Gblue is right

    These are luxury items and in this bad economy business have to do what they have to do to get by.

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    Default Re: Getting annoyed at Escentual now

    I have twenty years worth of mid to high end fragrence for around a thousand dollars. I consider that to be a very good price and think on the whole fragrance is very reasonable.

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    Default Re: Getting annoyed at Escentual now

    I love Escentual, but they have never been a discount site. They will have 15% off certain brands for a set period, currently it is Serge Lutens. But unless a sale everything is retail price. They don't buy their stock from the grey market so abide by the prices set for them.

    The Guerlain make up is cheaper than buying from a store I know, I bought Turandot Ombre 4 Couleur the other week and it was 10% cheaper.

    I order lunchtime and it arrives next day.
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