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    Cool Soft sweet dewy 'boozy' fragrance

    Years ago I tried (the original) Kors by Michael Kors (2002) and really loved it.

    I'm looking for something with a similar kind of vibe to it, but not completely the same...

    I love red and black currants, fresh cut roses, red wine and dewy 'boozy' fragrances, and some sweetness or fruitiness while still having a little 'kick' or *slight* spice to it.

    I also like very soft cocoas/cacoa, honeydew and almonds.

    ... Something suitable for a night out, but nothing overwhelming, heavy or cloying.)

    [ I am very petite, so heavy notes and fragrances really (physically) overwhelm me, so nothing too strong or unisex.]

    Any recommendations? ( thank you! )

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    Default Re: Soft sweet dewy 'boozy' fragrance

    Pretty Fruity by Montale perhaps.

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    Default Re: Soft sweet dewy 'boozy' fragrance

    Feminit'e du Bois by Serge Lutens is my suggestion.
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