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    Default £10 Token Gift Scents


    I am buying a couple of token gifts for my brothers for Christmas, both in their 20’s. I am curious if there is any ok-ish fragrances in the £10 range? Bear in mind that this are just token gifts, and these are people who probably just use things like Next fragrances out of gift sets given to them by aunts etc all year, and occasionally go ‘really expensive’ and splash out on something like 1 Million once a year if that. I gave one of them Cuba Gold a year or so ago and they were well impressed (!!).

    Could you help me in naming any fragrances in the £10-ish price bracket that would elevate them, even if only slightly, above their current stink level?

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    Default Re: £10 Token Gift Scents

    Maybe Zihr-Ikon
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    Default Re: £10 Token Gift Scents

    Marks and Spences have a decent oriental in a similar vein to Boss Bottled, called Autograph Intense. Also they have a new one called 'Savile Row' which is more a classical gent's cologne. Anyway both are very good for the price and are worth trying. Currently on offer - buy one get one half price. Priced from £8.50 for a small bottle.

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    Hi! Zara have a range of fragrances and I think that they are around the right price.

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