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    Default Original Replique Rafael Paris 2oz

    My wife recently asked me to try and sell perfume items she received from a close friend many years ago. One is an unopened 2 oz bottle of Replique Rafael Paris and the other is an opened bottle of Guerlain Jicky Paris. Both of these are original and my guess is they were purchased in the late 40's or 50's. I see 2 oz bottles of Replique (Original) being sold on e-bay for as much as $200. I am wondering if anyone could send me in the right direction to help me sell this bottle. It is definitely unopened as the cord etc is all perfectly intact. What seems strange to me is that the R on the stopper is not facing the same way as the Replique label. Did they always put the labels on in either side of the bottle or is my bottle rarer than I thought? The bottle is in perfect condition as the lady who owned these perfumes was a very meticulous world traveler. The Guerlain Jicky bottle only has a very little perfume left in the bottle which was made by Baccarat, France..tahis bottle is nearly 5" tall by 3" wide. The replique bottle is 4" tall by 2" wide. Any information or advice regarding these bottles would by very much appreciated. Thank you, Greg

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    Default Re: Original Replique Rafael Paris 2oz

    Jicky by Guerlain: Top Notes Lemon, Mandarin, Bergamot, Rosewood Middle Notes Orris, Jasmin, Patchouli, Rose, Vetiver Base Notes Leather, Amber, Civet, Tonka, Incense, Benzoin. According to Guerlain folklore, this was named after an English student who Aimé Guerlain fell in love with. It was in fact named for his nephew.It was the first 'abstract' perfume as it wasn't reminiscent of one individual note. Apparently a fave of Sean Connery. If the bottle of Jicky has very little juice left then you probably won't get much. I would say the Baccarat bottle is worth more than anything.

    Replique by Raphael of Paris
    :The scent is spicy and creamy, nutty resiny, almost pine-ish and very smooth. The clary sage and coriander are perfectly blended here and give the perfume a mild herbal aspect, like a finely milled French soap... the orris and moss cushion the ylang... the amber and civet and musk... the vanilla...leather... yes, it's all there. I think this must have been a very popular perfume when it came out in 1944. It's still in production today and is not sought after, but your's is vintage and that's a plus.
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    Default Re: Original Replique Rafael Paris 2oz

    I have a vintage bottle of Replique, and it smells great but can be found often and inexpensively on ebay.

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