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    Default Escada Magnetism - Replaced by Baldessarini Ambre?

    Owning both for the first time, I must say that there is a similar feel and texture between the two. Though Magnetism is quite unique with its distinct aroma of root beer/Dr. Pepper top notes, the powdery, sweet and ambery base that's left resembles Baldessarini's Ambre quite a bit.

    Having worn Ambre on my wrist for a day, I find it to be similarly potent or heavy, providing a similar experience in terms of projection and longevity. With all these parallels, I can recommend it as a replacement with the caveat that it shares a similar smell and feel while being distinctly and noticeably different. Thoughts??
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    Default Re: Escada Magnetism - Replaced by Baldessarini Ambre?

    Escada Magnetism is far better than the other IMO.

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