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    Default Let's talk Creed Himalaya

    I almost never see anyone wearing this in the SOTD threads, nor do I see it mentioned much around here. I've personally grown to enjoy it quite a bit. It reminds me of a frosted forest just after a major snow storm. There is a wisp of air blowing through the pine needles and it all comes together in one spray.

    I have to admit though, my first impression was not very favorable. It reminded me of Axe, which is very cheap body spray. While some of those smelled good, I didn't want to be brought back to my teen years where locker-rooms were filled with noxious clouds of Axe. Over time though, I've grown to really like it.

    I also hear it get compared to XS (or is it Black XS?) by PR, but I'm not sure how accurate that is since I've never smelled either of those.


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    Default Re: Let's talk Creed Himalaya

    I like and own it, but for whatever reason I never seem to reach for it... Probably it is just a bit too safe for me nowadays.
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    I just bought it (4 oz bottle) and I find it very versatile, work/freetime, hot/cold days..ecc! Yes, it's a safe scent but I like it and I get a lot of compliments!

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    Silver mountain water = Himalaya + Himalaya

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    Default Re: Let's talk Creed Himalaya

    I have a bottle and like it's icy fresh white musk feel and how you can wear it anytime and anywhere. The reason I do not wear it often is that I have more exciting fragrances that appeal to me more. Good frag though.

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    Default Re: Let's talk Creed Himalaya

    I like and own it but haven't worn it in a while. Might have to give it a go one of these days.

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    Default Re: Let's talk Creed Himalaya

    It's decent, but quite far down the list of my favorite Creeds.

    BTW it's similar to Paco Rabanne XS (not Black XS), very similar.
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    Default Re: Let's talk Creed Himalaya

    I love that icy/soapy/gunpowder type top note, but the ambergris in the base annoys me. I wish it held onto that fresh, invigorating top and didn't progress to that sour/musky base. I would have preferred a woody base or something instead of ambergris, which I just don't usually like.

    I also have Paco Rabanne's original XS that everyone compares Himalaya to, but they aren't that similar to me. Himalaya is much fresher and more modern up top then XS, which has this syrupy amber type note added.

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    Default Re: Let's talk Creed Himalaya

    It's very pleasant and perfect for every day wear. I like it quite a bit but I don't wear it often. I agree with JiveHippo that it's similar to the original XS by PR.
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    Default Re: Let's talk Creed Himalaya

    Amongst the safest of the Creeds and I often reach for it when I can't decide what to wear. Very nice though! Fresh and inoffensive IMO.
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    Default Re: Let's talk Creed Himalaya

    I own it and wear it a couple times a month. It is a good clean fragrance, but I find it gets a weird sweet undertone if the air is not very dry. On dry days it is quite enjoyable.

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    Default Re: Let's talk Creed Himalaya

    It's one of those "middle of the road" fragrances for me. Based on descriptions & reviews, I thought I'd love it, but it does nothing "special" on my skin & actually turns a little warmer & spicier than I expected or wanted. I don't "mind" it & it's definitely a safe & pleasant enough scent, but there are simply far too many I'd prefer over it, even within the Creed line alone.

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    Default Re: Let's talk Creed Himalaya

    I also enjoy and own Himalaya, but only wear it from time to time. A while back I wore it quite often, but not so much now; though I do enjoy the scent very much. I see the similarities with XS, but they are not exactly the same and Himalaya is better imo (wife says XS is to feminine for me, which is enough for me not to wear it).

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    Default Re: Let's talk Creed Himalaya

    It's quite good, and it becomes better with repeated wearings. "A frosted forest" - most eloquent of you, Mr. OctaVariuM. Exactly the effect I get. I discover more depth and complexity in Himalaya the more I wear it. A recent wear to the office resulted in enthusiastic raves from some, um, hot women I work with.

    So yes, I like it.

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    Default Re: Let's talk Creed Himalaya

    Although I enjoy its musky freshness, it isn't exactly exciting. It was one of those scents that I sampled, quite middle of the road, but somehow comforting like a cashmere sweater. Then, the memory of it kind of grew on me for a few months so I decided to get a small bottle.
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    Default Re: Let's talk Creed Himalaya

    I like it, but it's kinda batch dependent, unfortunately.

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    Default Re: Let's talk Creed Himalaya

    I really like this fragrance and I think it would be perfect as an office signature scent. Very inoffensive and versatile.

    Regardindg the comparison to Paco XS, I don't see the similarity at all (although many would disagree with me). The closest fragrance that I know of would be Burberry Brit; and that's not even that close, they're just remotely similar.

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    Default Re: Let's talk Creed Himalaya

    I'm wearing it today.... which is the second time this week I believe. I really enjoy it. On me it has monster projection and pretty good longevity for a Creed. It is a versatile and safe cologne IMO. Although it's not exactly like Rive Gauche, I think of the two in the same way in terms of wearablity and the "clean and groomed" vibe they both seem to exude. It was maybe the third Creed fragrance I got a bottle of and tried.... so to me it reminds me of a Creed.... but I can see how it is really quite different than many of the other Creeds currently available. I agree, not overly interesting.... but I don't get bored with it either.
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    Default Re: Let's talk Creed Himalaya

    I love it. One of my favorites , love the dry down. very clean smell. and very unique. It makes me feel very comfortable.

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    Default Re: Let's talk Creed Himalaya

    I love it too. I originally had a 2010 bottle, sold it, and then purchased a 2011 bottle, which is fantastic. I think it's great stuff.

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