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    Default Fragrances similar to Intimately Beckham

    Hello Everyone,

    I am new to the world of "good" colognes , but I am looking for one now. Here are my previously experienced fragrances:

    Old Spice- This was a few years ago, I liked it alright. Too grandpa-ish for me.

    Mary Kay High Intensity- This one was a present, it's only alright. I own it now, it's a little too "sweet" and "blah" for me. Reminds me of any fresh scent deodorant or body wash you can get.

    Dolce Gabbanna "The One"- The One is my friend's, and I tried it out. This is a step up from the MK, but still not what I'm looking for. Again, too "sweet". Smells like a dessert to me.

    Beckham's "Intimately Beckham" for men- This is my roommate's and I like this one. It's a little "spicier" which I like.

    Sorry about my amateur scent descriptions, I don't have enough experience to pick out what ingredients (notes?) I like.

    I am looking for suggestions. I searched beckham and intimately beckham, but nothing came up. I also searched the scent notes from Beckham as an advanced search, but many results came up.

    I was looking at trying CDG2, but it's a little out of my price range. It seems Hanae Mori HM is liked by the ladies, which is ultimately what I'm looking for , but I have no idea what it smells like.

    So, the end question is this: Can anyone suggest some colognes to check out that are "spicy" and possibly similar to Intimately Beckham? Thanks!


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    Default Re: Fragrances similar to Intimately Beckham


    Hanae Mori is very sweet like a dessert too, so it's not probably what you'll like.

    Get Intimately Beckham if you like it. It's cheap and not too many guys wear it. You might also look at Zirh Ikon or ST Dupont Pour Homme. If you don't know Fahrenheit by Dior, check it out as well. It has strong violet leaf, which is also prominent in Beckham's fragrance.
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    Default Re: Fragrances similar to Intimately Beckham

    Perhaps Carbone de Balmain

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