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    Default cdg leaves series:TEA

    got my sample from luckyscent a few days ago, wore it the first day and then again today after showering at the is supposed to be a tea based scent with the following notes based off of the website: black tea, zest of bergamot, rose petals, cedar wood, absolute maté....

    from the opening and the drydown i get tea scent the whole time...i do not notice any other notes in this product..

    if i was comparing this to any other scent it would be a weaker version of the Bvlgari pour homme soir drydown.

    projection is average for a tea based scent

    longevity is maybe 4 hours before it becomes a skin scent.

    seems like it would be a nice unisex fragrance that is non offensive..this is definitely a wearable frag

    there have been many other people that say this smells like lapsang souchong tea(think of a campfire smell)...let me tell you it does not smell like that. no smokiness in this frag

    i want to thank the person who reccomended this frag to me...i think it was DARJEELING

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    sorry it was the user ajmc who told me about it

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    Default Re: cdg leaves series:TEA

    A great fragrance, I agree. After the initial smoky tea accord, I also get some powdery sweetness mixed to the usual CDG weirdness. Something that smells halfway between a powdery woody rose and band-aid!

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    Default Re: cdg leaves series:TEA

    Enjoyed this one too. Reminded me of Bvlgari Black's tea/rubber without any of the vanilla.

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