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    Default Aunt Judy's Attic

    Hi everyone

    This is directed at Nevadans who may be close to this store. I really want to contact this shop, however, it is made impossible because the email address has a .com extension so doesn't work. If someone is able to pass a message on to them direct, I would appreciate a PM letting me know.

    Thanks in anticipation

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    Default Re: Aunt Judy's Attic

    You could try this one, as listed on their facebook page:

    Their website is awful. The so-called custom Google search apparently searches every website except for Aunt Judy's Attic!
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    Default Re: Aunt Judy's Attic

    Vendor states on her website "Payment" page that she does not ship internationally.

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    Default Re: Aunt Judy's Attic

    I really don't know why every seller doesn't love Australians. We are such nice people

    Yes, I know, it's that nasty Post Office that doesn't like flying with a few mls of alcohol on board. Jet fuel, not dangerous at all.

    Thanks to those who helped clarify this. Seems I will just have to live without their wares.

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