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  • Mugler - Cologne

    14 26.42%
  • Acqua Di Parma - Essenza Di Colonia

    7 13.21%
  • Bond No9 - Eau De New York

    0 0%
  • Creed - Original Vetiver

    14 26.42%
  • Tom Ford - Neroli Portofino

    3 5.66%
  • Prada - amBer PH

    15 28.30%
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    Default Re: whats your favorite soapy scent?

    Oh! I get it now. I think. The only one I know from the list is Essenza, which I developed a liking for earlier in the year. I didn't know it was soapy. If on the other hand I was having my linen soaked in anything, it would be TF Lavender Palm.
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    Default Re: whats your favorite soapy scent?

    Thread title change make Joe look silly.

    Joe no like title change.

    Joe smash title.

    Wife always tells me Blenheim Bouquet smells 'soapy'.

    She's raving mad, obviously.

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    Cool Re: whats your favorite soapy scent?

    Vetiver Hombre by Adolfo Dominguez

    Of the ones you listed, I voted for Creed's OV ( Yes, a compliment getter, esp from the elegant and restrained) but THIS is the soapiest vetiver I've smelled.

    You will either feel like a cartoon character that's burping soap bubbles or rejoice in finding one of the classiest barbershop-soap scents.

    And I rejoice to say I haven't the slightest idea what the price/ratio is to Mugler.


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    Default Re: whats your favorite soapy scent?

    From the list given I have to say Amber pour Homme is my current favorite. That being said I do find both Infusion d'Homme and Infusion de Vetiver to be far more soapy.
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    Default Re: whats your favorite soapy scent?

    Changing the goal posts doesn't help much. The original question was "What is your favourite soap/"; this was answered. The adjective "soapy" can mean many things in Perfumery. Traditional Fougeres are often described as "soapy" as they often fragrance shaving products. Very aldehydic fragrances are often described as "soapy" as aldehydes work very well in soap fragrances.

    Not sure what is wanted here, or why.

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    Default Re: whats your favorite soapy scent?

    now that we've had the gendarme family mentioned, i'll throw in votes for the original EdC or EdP, and Green, and to a lesser extent Grabazzi and Sky. I'm saying this because just in case the OP is looking for soapy scents without having any knowledge of the gendarme house, he should make a mental note to try as many as he can get his hands on, since being soapy is pretty much a given with them.

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