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    Default Dior Fahrenheit. Year of this batch code

    I have a 100ml bottle of fahrenheit with the code 8Y532. Checkcosmetic dates it as 1998 but i dont think its right because the sticker also has 30 Avenue Hoche 75008 Paris, which as far as i know, is a very old address. The sticker also has the 88% alcohol content which is another indictation that its very old.

    Does anyone know what year/era this is from?

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    Default Re: Dior Fahrenheit. Year of this batch code

    That address is still valid but looks like they expanded:

    Parfums Christian Dior + détails
    Activité : parfumerie, cosmétiques (fabrication, service relation clientèle)
    30-33 av Hoche
    75008 PARIS

    Tel:01 49 53 88 88
    01 49 53 85 00

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    Default Re: Dior Fahrenheit. Year of this batch code

    According to the cosmetic calculator, your bottle was manufactured in 1998.
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    Default Re: Dior Fahrenheit. Year of this batch code

    Now, that's interesting! The usual batch code pattern for Fahrenheit is Number Number Number Number Letter or Number Letter Number Number (from 1998 or 1999 onwards). Checkcosmetics & Co. are not very reliable because batch codes repeat themselves over the decades. For example, 1W01 could be from 2001 as well as from 2011 (the first digit always represents the year). One has to take the bottle and box design into account, sometimes even the colour of the batch code on the bottle matters (white up until 1999/2000, then black).

    Zezzy, am I right in assuming that the batch code in your case wasn't stamped onto the bottom of the box? I have a bottle with a similar batch code, 50 ml: 1P533

    My current theory is that bottles with this kind of batch code pattern are the very first formulation, because they are so very rare. The alcohol content given on the sticker is proof alone that this must be very old, as well as the the address (30 instead of 33).

    With the other two batch code patterns, the first number always indicates the year of production. If that's also true for this particular batch code, then your bottle would be from 1988! This would be one of the very first bottles ever produced!

    According to this theory, my bottle with 1P533 would be from 1991. Another indication that my bottle is a little younger is that the address on the sticker has changed to "33" (although the box still says 30).

    I don't know until when this pattern was used, but I have a bottle from 1994 that already has the Number Number Number Number Letter code.

    I hope this wasn't too confusing ...

    Edit: I just noticed something. The batch codes from 2000-2009 and 2010-now are using the same pattern and are both printed in black on the bottom of the bottle (instead of white as on pre 2000 bottles). The to tell which decade the bottle is from is the second digit, a letter: 2000-2009 is using the first half of the alphabet, from 2010 on it's the latter half of the alphabet.
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