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Thread: So far so good

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    Default So far so good

    Hi wonderful smelling people !

    a couple of months into this fragranceworld,i have bought these :
    Pure Malt(blind buy)
    DHI (also blind buy)
    Gucci Pour Homme II (after sampling)
    1 million (the first i bought)
    and Giorgio Armani Diamonds ( Fail i know).

    So now i just ordered some new samples:
    212 by CH
    Burberry Touch
    Polo Blue
    Rochas for men
    Versace PH
    and DHI Sport.

    Any opinions?
    Love this fragrance game sooo much !

    Peace !

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    Default Re: So far so good

    Have and like all your first purchases, and think you will be pleasantly surprised with Burberry Touch, Rochas Man, and DHI Sport.

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    Default Re: So far so good

    Like all your first buys! Keep up the sampling; that's the way to do it.
    The Collectors Sale is coming soon to the Basenotes Marketplace!
    Guy Roberts' 1983-84 intro, "AMOUAGE" parfum/ FAB 3 box presentation/MINT!!!-Vintage.possibly Antique-Guerlain Eau De Hegemonienne EDC/60%full/ purchased at estate auction of a NY dept. store magnet(Mays)/authenticity guaranteed-Box sets of Belle d Opium & Dior's Dune pour femme-Eau de Gucci, Elegantly boxed drawer liners w/Gucci No3 scent + a partial bottle of Gucci No.3 as an added value combo, Tom Ford's 'White Musk'.......

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    Default Re: So far so good

    If you want a Burberry frag, look no further than London - to my nose, the best of the bunch by far!

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    Default Re: So far so good

    Dior Homme Sport is a really nice fragrance. Of the ones you purchased/are sampling, I own/like: 1 Million (like), Pure Malt (own/like), GPH 2 (Like), DHS (like), Rochas Man (Own)

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    Default Re: So far so good

    I own, and very much like all of your purchases. But, stop with the blind buying. Sample, sample, sample. Safe yourself a lot of money and disappointment.

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    Default Re: So far so good

    Yes, just keep sampling, researching and sampling some more. Along the way, you'll have your "stand-outs" and will be much more confident in what you would like to purchase for full bottles.

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