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    Default cdg Laurel review

    yet another sample from luckyscent. tried it last night before basicly smells like a peppery herb...not peppery in the sense of black or pink pepper but peppery in the sense of mature arugula....this scent kind of remings me of a herb i would put on a pork roast......basicly it smells like LAUREL.....
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    Default Re: cdg Laurel review

    Quote Originally Posted by lanky View Post
    this scent kind of reminds me of a herb I would put on a pork roast
    Too funny!

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    Default Re: cdg Laurel review

    Good point, peppery like argula. I also get a ground-pepper note, and definitely a very strong laurel/bay leaf note. I normally like dry herbal scents, but this one is too heavy and dense for me, it doesn't wear well and gets tiresome rather quickly on me.

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    Default Re: cdg Laurel review

    When I like Laurel, I really like Laurel; when I don't, I really don't. (Helpful, right? )
    Someone on here said it works exceptionally well in very hot weather. That seemed counter-intuitive, since it can feel so heavy; but I tried it last summer on a very hot day, and it's true! Maybe because they're creating something like you'd find in a very hot climate (Lebanon/Middle East). That "hot chiles work well in foods from hot climates" kind of thing. In any event, I found I liked it quite a lot the hotter it was outside.
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    Default Re: cdg Laurel review

    I loved it when I first smelled it - pepper is one of my favorite fragrance notes. However, I soon zeroed in on the Iso-e-Super that it contains (in large amounts) as soon as I apply it, and now I don't enjoy it with as much excitement. Some days, I want that vibe, but then again I own Bang by Marc Jacobs and basically that does the job nicely. For a more complex pepper I've been more drawn to Poivre 23 by Le Labo and my Very Favorite Pepper (that I don't have in my wardrobe anymore) Hermessence Poivre Samarcande by Hermes.
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    Default Re: cdg Laurel review

    I love the opening of this one, but not enough for the buy. Do have to say that I love Bang and Poivre Samarcande, and own those.
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    Default Re: cdg Laurel review

    i tried this scent again today and it has been 5 hours since application. I must say i am enjoying this fragrance now and i can see how it might be a better scent in warmer weather.
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    Default Re: cdg Laurel review

    I've heard several folks point out that Bois d'Orage (French Lover) is the better, and original, version of this fragrance. Not a fan of Bois d'Orage, though -- gets too stale-cigarette on me sadly. I haven't been excited by Laurel when I've sniffed it either.

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