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    Default New Profumum: Rosae Mundi

    Notes: rose, patchouli, vetiver, cedar

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    Default Re: New Profumum: Rosae Mundi

    Thanks for this, Trebor. Though I don't always like what I smell of Profumum, I am always excited to smell what they've released. What strikes me here is the trio of less-than-common notes "in support of" rose. Perhaps this will be a unisex rose--or even a masculine rose.

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    Default Re: New Profumum: Rosae Mundi

    "Until you practice surrender, the spiritual dimension is something you read about, talk about, get excited about, write books about, think about, believe in — or don’t, as the case may be. It makes no difference. Not until you surrender does it become a living reality in your life."

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    Default Re: New Profumum: Rosae Mundi

    Yep, interested! Mainly because of the combination of notes!

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    Default Re: New Profumum: Rosae Mundi

    Just wore it for a few hours this morning. Seems very well blended, wearable, and versatile. I am looking forward to giving it some additional wearings in the future. Very nice fragrance.
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    Default Re: New Profumum: Rosae Mundi

    Good news! Thanks for posting, dougczar. Can you say how prominent is the rose? Or whether it strikes you as left or right of unisex?

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    Default Re: New Profumum: Rosae Mundi

    Anyone tried it yet?

    Is the rose soft or intense?

    Is it rose + patchouli like Lumiere noire pour Homme and Voleur de Roses?
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    Default Re: New Profumum: Rosae Mundi

    You might know by now, I m a major fan of this one. It starts out plummy and jammy. It is a soft tea rose, slightly greenish. The cedar and hint of patchouli makes this a perfect modern day chypre. I've never had such a perfectly blended current floral, that wasn't too sweet, or too anything.
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    Default Re: New Profumum: Rosae Mundi

    I had a decant of this arrive, shattered, all juice lost. In the process of cleaning up the mess, I naturally got some of what was left of the frag on my hands. It lasted a full day or two, and was very enjoyable! I have since acquired another decant, and look forward to giving it a proper test this Spring.
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    Default Re: New Profumum: Rosae Mundi

    Interested to hear more - the actual Rosa Mundi is my avatar pic. - does anyone know the story behind the fragrance?
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