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Thread: Amouage Tribute

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    Spent all day and I mean ALL day with this bad boy on, wonderful transformation this thing goes through wow.

    Started off so thick and rich and smokey, frankincense, fruits, smoke mmmm heavenly cloud around you.

    Now 10-11 hours later it's still there but now it's mostly very light tobacco, incense, and fruits reminds me a bit of Michael Kors at this point a bit. Maybe a bit more florals in here now with some Jasmine maybe?

    Amazing how many times this thing changed throughout the day. Definitely going to have to spend many days figuring this one out, good thing I have a new batch to work with my tiny sample was long gone.
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    It's a very opulent scent and a worthy purchase.

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    Having tried this recently, i agree, it is indeed a very good scent. Enjoy

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    Default Re: Amouage Tribute

    Amouage is a true quality house.
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    One of the great masculine rose scents

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