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    Default florascent tango

    hello! i'm curious about florascent tango, any opinions on it? I love the name since i love dancing tango argentino and the gardenia- opoponax combo sounds interesting.

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    Default Re: florascent tango

    l haven't heard of this one, but gardenia & opoponax are two of my favourite notes, so l'll be watching this thread with interest.

    The Argentine tango is amazing to watch, too!
    "What is this secret connection between the soul, and sea, clouds and perfumes? The soul itself appears to be sea, cloud and perfume..." - from Zorba the Greek by Nikos Kazantzakis.

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    Did uou like the facebook page?
    They spoke of the tango perfume few days ago
    I love the new tane, japanese range!

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    Default Re: florascent tango

    thank you very much!

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