Verona has a few nice 'profumerie' as they call them here, and most are located in the city centre. The city itself is incredible so you will have fun walking down its ancient streets and admiring its beauty.
The first one is Carlotta's, a very stylish and well-kept shop that carries Creed, Heeley, Montale, TDC, Diptyque, L'Artisan, MPG, Naomi Goodsir, Floris and a few others. They also sell Aesop and NV Perricone skincare and T.LeClerc make-up. There is a wide assortment of home fragrances and candles, and the shop feels like a jewel box. The store also sells gorgeous silver jewellry pieces by Ugo Cacciatori and bijous by Maria Calderara. A must if you are after niche and posh while touring Verona.
Another interesting store is situated in Via Quattro Spade and is called Narciso. You have to ring the doorbell to be let inside which some might like and some .. not. The shop carries Mona di Orio, Bond n9, Farmacia SS Annunziata, Xerjoff and Casamorati, Eau d'Italie, MC Gentile, Antonio Visconti, Piguet, Caron, Laboratorio Olfattivo and a few others. They also stock Cire Trudon candles as well as ReVive and Valmont skincare.
Another one that has to be mentioned is Parfum Privè in corso S. Anastasia: the store carries Frapin, ELDO, Profumi del Forte, LM Parfums, Carner Barcelona, and Huitieme Art. Last time I visited the display seemed smaller and the new releases were not present. Don't know if it is a good sign. The store also sells By Terry make up and Cellcosmet skincare.
There is a big profumeria in Piazza Erbe called Grazia and its sister store Ethos in Via Mazzini. Grazia carries most high-end make up and cosmetics lines, and their fragrances as well as Juliette Has a Gun, Villoresi, Lutens and Van Cleef Extraordinaire perfumes.
Lover of CDG fragrances could explore Folli Follie in Corso di Porta Borsari as this very hip and upscale clothing store carries most their scents, as well as Paper Passion.
Macondo, another high-end clothing store for the younger crowd has most scents from Histoire de Parfums and Eccentric Molecules and a selection of interesting candles by Mad et Lin.
Please be advised that Verona is not the friendliest Italian city, so if the store owner or SA do not know you, you may not be greeted in a particularly friendly manner and sometimes left waiting for a long time while they serve their other customers. It all changes if you decide to buy something, but that, of course is your choice.