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    Default Article: Winter Warmers Round Up

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    A wonderful round-up, thank you. And I definitely echo your thoughts on the Hermes!

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    Nick, you're such a good perfume writer - clear and unfussy. I feel like I know exactly what every one of these smells like, even if I haven't tried them all yet.

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    Oh, and this winter I'm loving Miller Harris La Fumée Arabie and Penhaligon's Sartorial.

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    Good choices and a great article. Also, love your Fragrant Reviews.

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    Thank you Persolaise, Katie, and Kiliwia!

    I still have to get round to sniffing La Fumée Arabie!
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    Thank you for the wonderful descriptions. Santal Majuscule and Volutes are also on my "want" list and I'll make sure to sniff the rest of them.

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    volutes edt is the best release of the autumn, i also agree with katie's choice of miller harris la fumee arabie, not bad at all.

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    Thanks, Nick. A wonderful review of scents. I'm happy to see you included TF Noir, as that's been my latest addiction. And now I'm dying to try Carbone.

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