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    Default Vera Wang For Men & D&G The One; very similar?


    I love D&G The One and I'm currently on my second 100ml bottle.

    I've heard good things about Vera Wang for Men but have not got a chance to sample. I was walking through a department store today and was surprised to a see it on display so eagerly sprayed my hand a few times. Now I've been smelling my hand all day and to me it seems almost identical to The One however it is a bit lighter and perhaps not as complex.

    I think I may opt for Vera Wang next once I've gone through The One. I can't justify it as an addition to the collection as it just seems to similar while I still have The One.

    I'm intrigued to hear the views of more experienced users? Is it just me or does anyone else think the same?

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    Default Re: Vera Wang For Men & D&G The One; very similar?

    I own a 1.7 of both. Vera Wang is more rugged and dense, if that makes sense.
    They don't smell the same to me.
    I do like both though!

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    Default Re: Vera Wang For Men & D&G The One; very similar?

    I really don't see a similarity between the 2. The one is closer to Frapan 1270, but Frapan being superior.

    Vera Wang is classier and a better scent overall, IMO.

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    Default Re: Vera Wang For Men & D&G The One; very similar?

    I like them both and I do think there is a certain weak oriental accord that is very similar - I'll bet that aspect is prominent for both you and I. The main difference for me is the amount of soapy, clean, laundry musk in Vera Wang for Men. For me, that becomes really prominent as it dries down, and I'm just not a fan of it. That's why I own The One, but I've only thought about buying the Vera Wang.
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    Default Re: Vera Wang For Men & D&G The One; very similar?

    I had The One. A good scent but not worth purchasing as you spray it on and a minute later, it's gone. Vera Wang has a similar vibe but not the same scent. Actually, I prefer the VW and it lasts longer and gives me better projection. I'd recommend VW.

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    Default Re: Vera Wang For Men & D&G The One; very similar?

    I find Vera Wang to be more dense and mature scent than The One. But its too soapy. They may have certain similarities but you can not put them both in the same league.
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    Default Re: Vera Wang For Men & D&G The One; very similar?

    Vera Wang lasts too short 4me to even take notice of its similarity; if there is an apotheosis of evanescence, this is it.
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