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    Default How did I do ladies?

    Just started my Christmas shopping for my wife and I picked out a couple of fragrances for her. I've bought some fragrances for her in the past and she's enjoyed Amor Amor, Cereus Pour Femme No.3, L by Lolita Lempicka, Pink Sugar, and Cherry blossom from B&BW's. The two I picked out were Jennifer Aniston because she like Bobby Brown Beach and Black XS for Her because it was my personal pick after smelling it. I was going to buy her a bottle of Bond No.9 Fire Island, but after sampling this and Jennifer Aniston she preferred the later. Any thoughts on the two I bought and any recommendations in the future?
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    Default Re: How did I do ladies?

    I only know a couple of these fragrances. My favorite Bond is Chinatown, but I only know about 5 of them. It's good that you are finding out what she likes and getting that for her rather than buying just what you like. I just have my husband buy what I want and put it under the tree for me. He does the same with items he wants for Christmas and then we give each other a few small items we don't know about for the surprise factor.

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    Default Re: How did I do ladies?

    Not to rain on your parade, I would say about average. Once again, please wear and give what you and the recipient like, not what we recommend.
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    Default Re: How did I do ladies?

    She tends to like sweeter scents it seems. I'm glad she liked JA and I hope she likes Black XS as well. I think all the fun is going out and testing them together, sharing new experiences is great for relationships in general. Go out, test together and then you can buy whatever she likes. I am perfectly happy with fragrance gifts NOT being a total surprise since tastes are so individual.
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    Default Re: How did I do ladies?

    I'm curious, why didn't you buy her the Bobbi Brown Beach when you know she likes it?
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