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    Question Help With Clubman ~ Pinaud

    This brand, despite the french sounding brand name is totally unheard of in Europe, (at least in France, UK and Germany it is not known).
    I am curious to know the difference between the regular and the special reserve. I would also like to know which fragrance it is similar to ?
    I looked at the images on google and the bottles look like they should be full of rum or
    I have never seen after shave presented like this before !

    Is it anything like Alt Innsbruck or Floid ?
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    Default Re: Help With Clubman ~ Pinaud

    Hello David -

    My friend, you have come to find a bottle of nostalgic and wonderful juice. I'm actually wearing it right now (Clubman by Pinaud) and the Special Reserve is significantly different as it has leather.

    Two great blog posts to look at:

    Clubman by Pinaud -
    Special Reserve bottling -

    The standard bottle (as there are also many other flankers) is where I would start - it is a wonderful barbershop elixir! It still contains Oakmoss and Tree Moss. I will write more on notes that I get later, but it is truly exceptional and something I splash on several times/week for a casual wear around the house. I have worn it in public and have received compliments, though.


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    Default Re: Help With Clubman ~ Pinaud

    As ever, huge thanks ericrico for the info and advice !
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    Default Re: Help With Clubman ~ Pinaud

    I wonder why you think it might smell like Floid?!
    I own Floid which comes only in aftershave as far as I know (Spanish brand), not in edt or edc, and is the most mentholated frag I ever encountered!
    It is like you have put your head/face in a bucket of ice when splashing this on!
    They come in two versions (vigoroso en suave; strong and soft). I own only the vigoroso which is brilliant and very cheap as well but it's not a frag to wear for a few hrs as it's an aftershave and lasts maybe 1.5 hrs.

    Edit: I concur that this (Pinaud) is not for sale in Europe (only the citrus musk version you can buy here) and see that they only come in aftershave as well, hence your question related to Floid.

    You own Floid as well?
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    Default Re: Help With Clubman ~ Pinaud

    Slayerized, I do have a bottle of Floid, but it's in my Berlin apartment so I don't have access to it at the moment. I didn't realize there were two different strengths. The Alt Innsbruck classic aftershave /cologne is also very mentholated. The Floid and Alt Innsbruck can be bought online in Europe from Manufaktum.
    I came to the assumption there may be similarities between them and Clubman because they are all "ancient" barbershop products.
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    Default Re: Help With Clubman ~ Pinaud

    Pinaud's Clubman shares similarities with Brut without the menthol. Special Reserve is a leather - based aftershave, I'd say similar to English Leather (which might not tell you much due to the fact that is not available in Europe, as far as I know).

    Both are a must have in my wardrobe, I am buying two backup bottles of both.

    Don't be fooled by the fact they are aftershaves, they wear like regular EdT's.

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    Default Re: Help With Clubman ~ Pinaud

    Pinaud special reserve brings back a lot of memories. My dad always had a bottle of it in the bathroom and would splash some on after shaving. I think it is a wonderful, clean scent and the special reserve has a hint of leather. It is a refreshing fragrance which I find particularly good on warmer days. Pinaud is a good bang for the buck fragrance.

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