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    Default Michael Jordan Legend

    I just wanted to post this really quick.

    About a month ago I blind bought Michael Jordan's take on a gourmand fragrance - Legend. It's known for being a cheaper version of New Haarlem. Some say that it smells identical, and some say that it's a shame that these two get compared so much these days. Some might even say that Legend smells better than New Haarlem.

    I went ahead and did a blind buy on it since I loved New Haarlem to death but couldn't buy it because of the price. And let me tell you this, ladies and gentlemen, blind buying Legend was the biggest mistake I had ever made as long as fragrances goes.

    I can't understand the comparison. New Haarlem smells like heaven while Legend smells like hell!

    Even though some people agree with me that it doesn't smell like New Haarlem, they still like this crappy cologne. They still hype this up. Ugh! I sprayed some on my hand a while ago, it's freaking vile! It smells like burnt tea, old-leather overload, patch and some stinky underwear under a base of dirty amber.

    But it gets better, don't worry. After 5-6 hours, this smells beautiful. A nice and warm feeling of an espresso coffee emerges under a bed of dreamy creamy vanilla. Still, I can't stand the opening and the mid of this disgusting fragrance.

    And behind all of this madness I'm kinda impressed about something. As all of you Legend fans know, this is an EdC concentration. But it feels like a pure parfum, in my honest opinion. It's strong, very very strong. Cloying, undoubtedly. It lasts a good 10-14 hours on my skin, weeks on my clothes. That and the base of this fragrance is the only good things I have to say.

    I don't want to sample Rochas Man any longer, since Legend is compared to that one too. Sigh.

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    Default Re: Michael Jordan Legend

    When I smell Legend, I thought it was awful too.

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    Default Re: Michael Jordan Legend

    I just have this nagging feeling that any cologne named after an athlete or celebrity (i.e. Michael Jordan, TimMcGraw, James Bond 007, etc) is going to be cheesy crap... not to be taken seriously.

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    Default Re: Michael Jordan Legend

    Shame you don't like it. Me personally, I'm a big fan. I never purchase a fragrance because it smells like something more expensive. That's just setting yourself up to be let down. Although in your case, you simply didn't like the opening.
    I'm also surprised you're getting such good longevity and projection.

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    Default Re: Michael Jordan Legend

    I haven't smelled it - but - comparing a $15 scent to a $215 scent is, in and of itself, a compliment to the $15 scent.

    Quote Originally Posted by MikeJ View Post
    I never purchase a fragrance because it smells like something more expensive. That's just setting yourself up to be let down.
    Words to live by!
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    Default Re: Michael Jordan Legend

    I didn't care for legend and didn't like New Haarlem. It's the crap lavender that kills it for me.
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    Default Re: Michael Jordan Legend

    I quite liked MJ Legend, New Haarlem on the other hand was far too sickly sweet for me.
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    Default Re: Michael Jordan Legend

    To be honest, I took a sniff at MJ's Legend and thought it was pretty good. Not sooooooo good that I actually purchased the bottle, but pleasing. I really don't see how it gets compared to New Haarlem though. New Haarlem is so much better although I find it to be overly sweet. If I had to choose one, it would be NH but I would only do 2 sprays.

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    Default Re: Michael Jordan Legend

    I am with ya..... I am not a friend of legend either but I am not a gourmond lover.......Also, I did not get the same projection and longevity as you. I think I got 3-4 hrs top and thats it.

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