I have a small decant of the sadly discontinued L'Occitane Eau de 4 Voleurs, and I love this scent but hesitate to use it given my meager supply and the rareness of this frag (when a bottle turns up on eBay, the bidding is pretty reckless). I'm wondering: has anyone found a suitable substitute for this one? In searching threads, I found someone compare it to a combination of Penhaligon's Blenheim Bouquet (which I have, and is a nice dry lemon but lacks the 'oomph' of 4V) and Pino Silvestre. I get the lemon and pine in 4 Voleurs, and theoretically there should be some other frags out there that cop this same vibe, but there's something going on in 4 Voleurs that really captivates me. Anyone out there found it's successor?