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    Exclamation Eros ~ Refreshingly Interesting

    Today has been a long day, but an interesting one. I made the one and a half hour journey from Roquebrune~Sur~Argens to Ventimiglia, (just over the border in Italy).Ventimiglia has about four good, (classic ~ not chain) perfumeries. One of them had just received the first deliveries of Eros, Versace. I was very impressed. My initial impression, based on one spray /test strip
    was, very interesting "orange amber". It had a good opening that just got better and better. In my view this is a lot more interesting than the majority of recent offerings. The first connection I made was Minotaure.
    I was always a fan of Minotaure, but always felt that it was not quite complete. The orange note was muted. Minotaure was for me like trying to focus on an object behind a frosted glass door. It somehow did not feel complete. Eros has has achieved where Minotaure failed. The touch of amber has made it brighter. This creation is a sparkling lead crystal compared to frosted glass. I was very surprised to see that orange is not listed as a main note ~ instead, lemon and apple ! ??
    I also tried Trussardi's My Land. Again fruity, but in another direction. Very interesting and different. I personally prefered Eros. But they are equally good. Apologies guys, but these seem much better than the......."put a bit of spice, a bit of fresh, a bit of wood, a bit of sugar".....mix it all together and apeal to the masses ~ offerings of late........ YSL Homme Nuit, Spice Bomb, Midnight In Paris.......etc., etc., etc.
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    Default Re: Eros ~ Refreshingly Interesting

    Wow that is interesting. Thanks for the info. I've never been a Versace fan but I'm a big Minotaure fan so this is something to look forward to for me.
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    Default Re: Eros ~ Refreshingly Interesting

    Interesting David, if your praising it, it must be good!

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    Default Re: Eros ~ Refreshingly Interesting

    David, thanks for your sharing.

    I agree with you about Minotaure. I really debated over a full bottle, but in the end, could not justify it. I now really look forward to trying Eros.
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    Default Re: Eros ~ Refreshingly Interesting

    Thanks David.

    Versace is hit and miss with me. While I love L'Homme, Pour Homme & to some extent Versus Uomo, I absolutely detest Man Eau Fraiche and don't have much love for blue jeans either.

    I'll now look forward to at least checking out Eros with greater anticipation.
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    Default Re: Eros ~ Refreshingly Interesting

    Versace Eros could easily be named the fragrance of nowadays that replaces Pace Rabanne One Million in this rank. It starts off with powerful mint note (the scent is minty on a whole) combined with sweet fruits. Soon a modern synthetic molecule of masculinity (ŕ la in Paco Rabanne Black XS and Diesel Only the Brave) begins to play and the scent now smells like a typical synthetic fruity woody. It reminds of a minty version of James Bond perfume that was also created in Givaudan but costs cheaper. Nevertheless Eros has wonderful longevity and sillage and girls like it!

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