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    Exclamation Perlier ~ Sandalo del Kashmir INCREDIBLE !!!

    Today in Ventimiglia I also bought blind, (for a mere five euro) Sandalo del Kashmir. I always enjoy what Perlier does, be it shower gels or fragrance. I expected something good, but not sensational. This is sensational....especially considering the price. It has absolutely nothing to do with sandalwood / kashmir wood......whatever. When the trigger is pulled a blast of fresh green ginger hits you and knocks you for six ! This transcends into a candid ginger, which in turn magically settles into an, (oxymoron) incredibly live sweet green fragrance. Beautiful, loads of silliage and fantastic longevity. The cheekiest thing about this fragrance is that it copies, (in a round about way) Clinique Aromatics Elixir / Aramis 900 and ends up doing it better than both of those !!
    Check this one out. Buy blind. You can't go wrong with this !!!!! Five Stars.
    Pure Class.
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    Default Re: Perlier ~ Sandalo del Kashmir INCREDIBLE !!!

    Wonderful, David!

    My wife and I spent some time (and money) in Ventimiglia as we drove from Cannes on the French Riviera through Nice and Monte Carlo while there in 2000. We ended up in San Remo, but Ventimiglia had some wonderful, warm people and great shopping!

    This scent sounds rather incredible, indeed! Wow. I will see if it is to be found here in the US.

    Cheers, my friend!

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