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    Default Fall/Winter Scent

    Hi All,

    As my name suggests- I am very new to fragrance. Through recommendations in this board in the Spring, I purchased Creed OV, and love the sent. Looking to expand my options outside of OV. My other frag is polo black, which i am very fond of. I'm trying to find a bridge between the two as far as a new fragrance. Maybe closer to polo black, but more woodsy/dark. I've ordered a few samples (Tom Ford Italian Cypress, Hermes equipage). Note: i have no clue what either smells like

    Any other suggestions? All input is greatly appreciated!

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    Default Re: Fall/Winter Scent

    Hmmm. Polo Black is as "designer scent" as they get. If it is the fresh hedione note you like, try Chrome. If you are trying to move towards the vetiver or woodsy feel, but stay designer, I recommend John Varvatos.

    Even better, I would just hit up the frag counters and start taking notes on what you like best.

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    Default Re: Fall/Winter Scent

    Burberry London perhaps.

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    Default Re: Fall/Winter Scent

    Well, there are a lot of options. You may want to check out the house of Thierry Mugler in general, as he has several excellent winter fragrances. Also, some of the Tom Ford's (TV, TL, NdN) work well in the winter as well. In fact, Tobacco Vanille is my favorite winter scent, but it's not for everyone.
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    Default Re: Fall/Winter Scent

    You should like Italian cypress and equipage, they are both very good. Another dark woody could be Caron Yatagan, which opens with a striking green-vegetable note, then becomes warmer and woodier. Krizia Uomo is also very dark green, and quite cheap.


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    Default Re: Fall/Winter Scent

    If you're at all inclined to start exploring indie fragrances and don't want to break the bank, Sonoma Scent Studio is a wonderful house with some really lovely options, all parfum extrait strength. The perfumer, Laurie Erickson, also sells samples if you don't want to blind buy (which I don't recommend doing with *any* line). Some great SSS options that my boyfriend wears:

    Forest Walk -- dark, woodsy, and green; a very evocative fragrance, aptly named. This one may fit the bill, given your liking of Polo Black.

    Incense Pure -- warm, slightly charred incense. Incredibly sexy, it draws you in.

    Tabac Aurea -- lovely, sweet tobacco leaf (not smoke or pipe tobacco).

    Fireside Intense -- exactly as billed -- strong, smoky birch tar and very realistic. Some don't like the idea of smelling like a campfire in the chill winter air, but on the right person, it's amazing.

    Happy hunting!

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    Default Re: Fall/Winter Scent

    Another vote for Burberry London

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    Default Re: Fall/Winter Scent

    When in doubt...Ysl - La Nuit De L'Homme

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    Default Re: Fall/Winter Scent

    Welcome to basenotes. You are started on the correct path by ordering samples. That will save you a lot of money and disappointment. I completely agree with hednic's suggestion of burberry london. It is an excellent winter fragrance which is non-offensive, great smelling and economically sound. Try it the next time you are at a counter.

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    Default Re: Fall/Winter Scent

    I've recently done quite a bit of thinking about what I want from a winter scent.

    The common reaction is to go darker for more wood and smoke - for this Encre Noire by Lalique would do you well.

    Another path is the more oriental approach, Allure Homme by Chanel is an assured example.

    However, it's possible to go steely or even floral in defiance of the season.

    I think the first thing is to pick the general type of fragrance probably by sampling a range at a counter and asking a helpful sales assistant to suggest others that are like it. Otherwise find one you like and use the perfume directory and reviews here to point you to something in the same vein that might even be better - this pincer method works for me every time.

    Happy hunting.

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    Default Re: Fall/Winter Scent

    i just discovered gucci pour homme ii as a fall/winter fragrance, but it is probably versatile enough for spring/summer also. it has some tabacco and woods in the base. l

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    Default Re: Fall/Winter Scent

    Gucci Pour Homme I (2003)
    Comme des Garcons 2 Man
    Oscar Pour Lui
    Encre Noire
    Guerlain Vetiver and Guerlain Vetiver Extreme
    Michael Kors for Men
    Francesco Smalto Pour Homme
    Jacques Fath Pour L'Homme
    .....and many more.

    To get you started - welcome to Basenotes!


    “Some perfumes are as fragrant as an infant’s flesh, sweet as an oboe’s cry, and greener than the spring; While others are triumphant, decadent or rich; Having the expansion of infinite things, like ambergris and musk, benzoin and frankincense, which sing the transports of the mind and every sense.”

    ― Charles Baudelaire, The Flowers of Evil & Paris Spleen
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    Default Re: Fall/Winter Scent

    Quote Originally Posted by OctaVariuM View Post
    Well, there are a lot of options. You may want to check out the house of Thierry Mugler in general, as he has several excellent winter fragrances. Also, some of the Tom Ford's (TV, TL, NdN) work well in the winter as well. In fact, Tobacco Vanille is my favorite winter scent, but it's not for everyone.
    I'd agree with TV and TF A*men.

    Oh & welcome to basenotes (:

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    Default Re: Fall/Winter Scent

    Welcome to basenotes. Burberry London is always a great winter scent. Most of my winter/cold weather favorites are in my signature but I do also wear both Opium pour Homme and H.M. by Hanae Mori during the colder months.
    I don't have a signature fragrance. My signature changes a little bit every day, why shouldn't my fragrance?

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    Default Re: Fall/Winter Scent

    +1 on the Sonoma Scent Studio selection. I'd add Winter Woods too.

    Also try Serge Lutens Fille en Aiguilles.

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