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    Default Reformulated Eau Sauvage is a Masterpiece!

    Look on store counters and you will see Eau Sauvage EDT in the same bottle and same box, but the juice has changed. The oakmoss has been removed due to IFRA (European regulations) which Dior has applied universally. This remakes Eau Sauvage into more of an eau de cologne than a chypre. I think IFRA has actually done Dior a favor here because it eliminates the ingredient that made Eau Sauvage seem so heavy and dated. The reformulation is magnificent, in my opinion. The sparkling citrus, seductive jasmine and grassy vetiver combine to give us a summer's day in a bottle.

    If you admired Eau Sauvage but hesitated to buy a bottle because it seemed too mature or out of style or not attractive to younger women, you may be pleasantly surprised. Eau Sauvage has been to the spa, lost some weight and is sporting an up-to-date vibe.
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