Hey guys, major problem.

I'm moving this week, and the moving company (owned by a friend of a friend of a friend--- you get it) has been kind enough to drastically reduce the price of moving my stuff, BUT - he's going to get the things from my old place in tomorrow evening and then drive it up to my new place the next morning.

Now, it's snowing where I live now and I'm super worried that my fragrances will freeze in the truck overnight and be ruined. Will freezing completely fuck up my bottles or will they even crack and spill or something? Seeing as most fragrances have such a mad high alcohol content they shouldn't freeze right?

The stuff is already packed and I'm really not in any mood to dig through 15+ boxes to try to find where I put my fragrances, but if they'll ruin the other stuff in the box or if they're likely to get ruined overnight I'll have to deal.