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    dear friends good morning

    the fragrance XerJoff - Join the Club
    which are the olfactory pyramids?

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    According to the entries for these fragrances on the Fragrantica website, Xerjoff intends to keep the ingredients/notes a secret.

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    ^^^^ exactly

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    It's a guessing game then.

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    It'll probably have a lemony opening, a bit floral in the middle and an ambrinol dry down.

    Yeah I'm not skeptical at all.

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    Actually JTC is a whole series:

    1. FATAL CHARM - inspired by the world of fashion
    2. 40 KNOTS – inspired by yachting and sailing
    3. ASCOT MOON – inspired by horseback riding
    4. KIND OF BLUE – inspired by handmade music
    5. BIRDIE – inspired by golfing
    6. COMMANDANTE – inspired by cigars
    7. IVORY ROUTE – inspired by adventuring
    8. MARQUEE – inspired by inspired by musicals
    9. SHUNKOIN – inspired by buddhism
    10. MORE THAN WORDS – inspired by literature

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    A bit like a blind wine tasting.

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    I hope Xerjoff are still going, they've never answered any e-mail I've sent since last October

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    Well I don't mind sampling a bunch of them, personally. The mystery is kind of intriguing, even though that's exactly how they want us to feel, haha!

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    Anyone can ‘Join The Club’ without this new line existing, TBH. The only discerning factor is whether or not you’ll end up bankrupt through regular Xerjoff/Sospiro purchases…

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    1st impressions- Marquee- fruity, Conmondante- powdery nautical vanilla, Fatal Charm- light floral, lavender, Kind of Blue- high qulity floral, Ivory Route- toffee and vanilla, Ascot- peaty, smoky vetiver, Shun Koin- Playdo, galbanum and vanilla.
    And the stand outs - 40 Knots- Woody Arabian, More than Words- Rosy barnyard Oud, quite like Alexandria, Birdie- smokey, patchouli oud.
    Based on a quick sniff rather than a wear so I may be way out, but theyre all quality scents the last 3 being definitely worth a 2nd look

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    Nice thoughts and a tease!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kocy View Post
    Nice thoughts and a tease!
    Theyre definitely worth a try!

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    So many of these. Will there be a discovery set of this?

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    Shunkoin is basically a higher quality version of Caron pour un Homme, Its got the exact same sickly sweet Play-Doh Lavender opening. I found it a touch too heavy and nauseating.

    Birdie I mainly got a very herbal grassy vetiver. It does strangely evoke a golf connotation but its something for the pringle wearing chap in his 60's.

    I haven't tried 40 Knots yet but isn't it supposed to be a marine scent?

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    I haven't tried 40 Knots yet but isn't it supposed to be a marine scent?[/QUOTE]

    Youd have thought so, Ill try it again at some point but first impressions were a light wood. Maybe a woody Arabian on a yaght!?!

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    Although many are nice and bottleworthy, I have never thought any of Xerjoff's fragrances are quite worth the money.

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    I picked up Fatal Charme - a ruthless metallic orris Aldeyhdes that's bitter and annoyed!!


    Italian niche line Xerjoff has launched Join The Club, a new collection of ten fragrances:

    JTC – Join The Club – is the new collection of perfumes from Xerjoff: 10 excellent perfumes, each one associated with a high-level activity from simple recreation to a degree of real passion.

    Just for an exclusive Club moment, Xerjoff JTC has created an iconic selection which harks back to the concept of selectivity that takes moments in life to their most intense aspects.

    Stolen moments when time seems to stand still, expanded into a suspended dimension. Out of the ordinary sensations, so intense is the time right now.

    Xerjoff JTC distils this precious magic into an unconventional essence, a real olfactory code for those among the chosen by this exclusive club.

    Ascot Moon (shown) ~ “Ascot Moon preludes with green, herbal and fresh impressions. There is no mistaking the aroma of cut grass and the aromatic flavor of basil. The connotations jump towards us of nature, plants and fresh air! The prelude is an invitation to breathe deeply and Ascot Moon has perfectly captured this aspect of the equestrian sport. After a few minutes a completely new and yet harmonious chord opens up: it consists of slightly spicy and earthy aromas such as sage and a touch of patchouly…”

    40 Knots ~ “The prelude is determined by a chord that is as light as a breeze on the high seas. At the same time a delicate note chimes with a slightly salty and green touch…After a few minutes the heart of 40 Knots opens up and brings a warmer atmosphere to the composition. This is made up of different wood notes which contrast with the subtly fresher chords. This creates the impression of sensual freshness…”

    Birdie ~ “The top note announces, with a fruity, tangy aroma of apple and lavender, studded with sparkling pepper, an individual composition. The mixture has several facets: Fresh and light, earthy and spicy. As so often, XerJoff plays with contrasts. Light and shadow combined in a fragrance! At the same time the top notes of Birdie remind us of wide open golf courses, with their different landscapes: the grass, the sand and the damp earth, maybe even a salty sea breeze…”

    Kind of Blue ~ “The famous clubs in Harlem, New York, are always popular destinations. With Kind of Blue XerJoff captures the atmosphere of those clubs. Like the sound of a jazz trumpet, that echoes through a filled room and breaks the tense silence, Kind of Blue shows its strong character right from the start and attracts everyone’s attention. Sweet orange blossom meets a spicy note. Through a small touch of aldehydes the composition achieves slight transparency, which acts like a catchy tune. This contrasts with the spicy floral note, which explains the origin of the perfumes captivating originality…”

    More Than Words ~ “The prologue to More Than Words is slightly fruity and sweet, mixed with a dominant chord of wood and smoke. The latter is made up from notes of frankincense, ambergris and labdanum. This gives the fragrance a sensual, intimate depth and also plays with stark contrasts: the innocent fruit note yields to the sinful Orient-chord. A symbiosis is created and More Than Words works both mysterious and almost a little bit wicked. A gentle mist of frankincense rises again and again like a deep blue veil of finest silk that wafts in the cool breeze of the night. You can literally smell the books waiting for their admirers on the majestic shelves of venerable libraries…”

    Ivory Route ~ “A spicy note, almost sharp, clears the senses and prepares the mind. It is reminiscent of fine basil with a strong breeze of allspice…It is joined by warm spicy notes that slightly “soften” the sharp-edged opening chord. The mood of the fragrance is a little quieter. At the same time these spices give a foretaste of the final note…Slowly but steadily the earthy aroma of sandalwood and patchouly unfolds which form the basis of the eau de parfum…”

    Marquee ~ “Directly in the head note of Marquee a rose blossoms with a light red color. This queen of flowers is underlined with a delicate fruitiness. The fresh side of the rose is nuanced by this and achieves an intriguing aura that works like a myriad of colorful accents on the bright red of the rose. This connection awakens the desire for more. The precious essences of jasmine and violet let the rose become soft and powdery. It assumes a rather unconventional form, although it remains at the center of Marquee, as befits a true diva…”

    Fatal Charme ~ “Fatal Charme is a beguiling perfume which is already evident in the very special combination of opening notes: On the one hand aldehydes surprise, being rather sweet and tender instead of severe, which ultimately gives this fragrance its unique aura. On the other a powdery iris presents itself which enhances the elegance of composition. Together they form a fragrance that is so silky and graceful that you can almost feel it…”

    Comandante! ~ “There are many tobacco perfumes, but only a few are able to faithfully capture that typical aura and the feeling of life. A fresh tobacco note already awaits us in the top note of Commandante! It is spicy and diverse where different nuances shimmer like a kaleidoscope. The fresh tobacco is dipped relatively quickly in a golden shimmer as honey flows over aromatic cedarwood and the aroma becomes more opulent but still preserves a subtle freshness. Creating a balance between heavy and light fragrant notes is a rather impressive feat and XerJoff has carried it off with flying colors…”

    Shunkoin ~ “Shunkoin takes us on a journey into the Japanese culture. The prelude is presented with a slightly bitter note, which is reminiscent of an infusion of fresh tea leaves. The tangy aroma has a clear appearance, the scent is very calm and gentle, yet impresses with a strong presence of character. Like a tea ceremony, which is often used in Japan for meditative purposes, Shunkoin draws its strength from harmony and tranquility. A milky, sweet aroma, almost like fine sandalwood, works familiar and pure…”

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    Oh, so you're not spending that much money on these either? Join the club!
    Kurt smells like Teen Spirit

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    Quote Originally Posted by LloydLlewellyn View Post
    Oh, so you're not spending that much money on these either? Join the club!
    I spent the $185 to own and enjoy the bottle.

    for swap/sale:

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    I like a lot of Xerjoff products. For the most part, they use high quality ingredients of yesteryear. The only deterrent is their unjustifiably high prices.

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    You must first be a member of The Club, Sir.
    Are you not entertained??? Is this not why you are here??

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    Quote Originally Posted by bokaba View Post
    I like a lot of Xerjoff products. For the most part, they use high quality ingredients of yesteryear. The only deterrent is their unjustifiably high prices.
    +1 also their bottles are overblown cheesy hype!

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