So i just blind bought Arsene Lupin Dandy because the way it looks. I did love the initial note, and i'm ok with the dry down. The only thing is, it smells very old to if i were 40 or 50. I'm a pretty stylish / fashion forward guy and i look much younger than my age (30), and i feel like this just might not match... =( Should I keep it? Or should i return it and trade it in for something else? are there any nice guerlains you would recommend that would fit me more? (ideally i'm looking for something either for special occasion wear or intimate setting/seductive wear. The girls I date are usually 20-30)

I've tried out tonka Imperial, Double vanille (both of these turn sour on my skin), I also bought gourmand coquin (realized how feminine it is...don't think i can pull this off and will probably return this...), D'UN HEROS(didn't like it), heritage (kinda liked this..but i smell like my grandfather, lol), arsene lupin voyou (not a huge fan of chypre), and guerlain myrrhe & delires (i do kinda like this! does this one work?)

thanks for the advice!