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    Default Has anyone heard of Auziere Candeur? (Paris)

    I'm KICKING myself right now for not bidding more on this vintage fragrance I came across on eBay. Now I can't find a single reference to it anywhere online and I'm thinking it must be rare. There were only minutes left on the auction and the seller had misspelled the name (Graneur instead of Candeur). I didn't bid much since I wasn't able to find a description to know if I might like the scent.

    The only place the name came up was "Museu del perfum" and the bottle is fancier.

    Maybe the one I found on ebay was a refill for the fancier bottle? The flowers on the plain bottle label look just like the flowers on the box of the fancier bottle, so I'm pretty sure this is the case.

    Here is the original listing on eBay.
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