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  • Aramis - Aramis

    8 4.62%
  • Armani - Cuir Améthyste

    3 1.73%
  • Chanel - Cuir de Russie

    25 14.45%
  • Creed - Royal English Leather

    13 7.51%
  • Dior - Leather Oud

    15 8.67%
  • Etat Libre d'Orange - Rien

    6 3.47%
  • Guerlain - Derby

    15 8.67%
  • Heeley - Cuir Pleine Fleur

    7 4.05%
  • Helmut Lang - Cuiron

    13 7.51%
  • Knize - Knize Ten

    30 17.34%
  • L'Artisan Parfumeur - Dzing!

    11 6.36%
  • Montale - Aoud Cuir d'Arabie

    8 4.62%
  • Parfum d'Empire - Cuir Ottoman

    15 8.67%
  • Puredistance - M

    14 8.09%
  • Robert Piguet - Bandit

    4 2.31%
  • Santa Maria Novella - Peau d'Espagne

    1 0.58%
  • Serge Lutens - Cuir Mauresque

    6 3.47%
  • Tom Ford - Tuscan Leather

    50 28.90%
  • Xerjoff - 17/17 Homme

    5 2.89%
  • Other

    24 13.87%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Default Re: Your favorite leather?

    Tough choice. I ultimately went with Bandit, but Rien is up there. And so are many others.

    For the ultimate in leathery-ness, you should smell (but not wear) that realistic impression of drowing into a tannery pool, Complex by Boadicea.


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    Default Re: Your favorite leather?

    + 2 Im really for Helmut Lang Curion as an overall leather scent. Not an easy one to come across, either.
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    Default Re: Your favorite leather?

    Quote Originally Posted by sleuth View Post
    Give it a try to Bel Ami by Hermes.
    Yes I second that, a great fragrance.
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    Default Re: Your favorite leather?

    Not on your list but very nice one : Or Black de Pascal Morabito

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    Default Re: Your favorite leather?

    Bel Ami/Hermes
    Snarky is as snarky does.

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    Default Re: Your favorite leather?

    Leather Oud
    Onda extrait
    Songe d'un Bois d'Ete
    Bel Ami
    Leonard pour Homme (1980)
    Van Cleef & Arpels pour Homme
    Knize Ten
    Eau d’Hermes
    Tribute Attar

    Least favorite: Tuscan Leather, which ultimately isn't much of a leather at all.

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    Default Re: Your favorite leather?

    I have to admit that I have not sampled many on the list but of those listed I voted for Leather Oud. One not listed that is my top favorite is Parfums Regence Kolnisch Juchten. Dark and deep Russian Leather. Smells a bit like a campfire and a bit meaty to start.
    1. Epic Man by Amouage (33 wears)
    2. Leather Oud by Christian Dior (31 wears)
    3. M7 by Yves Saint Laurent (27 wears)
    4. Oud Imperial (black) by Perris Monte Carlo (22 wears)
    5. Russian Tea Ritual by Masque (20 wears)
    6. Fate Man by Amouage (19 wears)

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    Default Re: Your favorite leather?

    Tuscan Leather is by far the most amazing smelling leather based fragrance ever made!!
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    Default Re: Your favorite leather?

    I haven't smelled them all but my favorites are Cuiron, M, and Dior Homme Cologne.

    I also really like Poivre Samarcande, which to my nose smells more than leather than anything. I guess because it's so peppery people always talk about the pepper instead of the leather.

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    Default Re: Your favorite leather?

    Thank you, everybody! It seems clear by now that three fragrances - Tuscan Leather, Knize Ten, and Cuir de Russie - score much higher than the others, but it's still a pretty close race between those three contenders. Leather Oud and Derby follow suit at a much slower pace in 4th and 5th position. It's been very interesting to follow the voting, and the poll has yielded some surprises, as well: Only one vote for Peau d'Espagne and three for Cuir Mauresque place them both at the very bottom. I for one hadn't seen that coming - very interesting!
    Thanks, guys - and please go on voting. The poll stays open.

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    Default Re: Your favorite leather?

    Farina Kölnisch Juchten, Chanel Cuir de Russie Parfum, Creed Cuir de Russie, Cuir de Lancome
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    Of the ones I have tried:

    Rien - stands out as amazing

    Bel Ami and Tuscan Leather are also good fragrances
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    Default Re: Your favorite leather?

    Royal English Leather, Knize Ten and Helmut Lang for me, and in that order.
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    Default Re: Your favorite leather?

    Knize Ten
    Dior Oud Leather
    Oud Cuir d'Arabie
    Cuir d'Iris

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    Default Re: Your favorite leather?

    I have a hard time enjoying leather fragrance. But I like leather as an ingredient in a more complicated perfume. My favorite of these "mostly leathers" are: (1) Leather Oud, (2) Or Black, (3)Kolnisch Juchten (Regence), (4) M PureD

    Soft suede scents that have a leather suede note, are "almost leather" but probably not really leather scents, these are my favorites: (1) Nuit de Sens by Louis Feraud, (2) Soivohle Leather Krem, (3) MFK Oud, (4) Dzongkha

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    Default Re: Your favorite leather?

    im going to throw one more hat into the ring- its pinaud clubman special reserve. seems like ive been tooting its horn a lot here lately. it is the best leather ive smelled yet. including bel ami and knize ten- hear me out... clubman special reserve is leather. all the others are leather and sweet or leather and rose or leather and smoke and cinnamon, or whatever. pinaud is leather. period. and it smells really really nice. thats my vote.

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    Default Re: Your favorite leather?

    Royal English Leather

    Eau Sauvage Fraicheur Cuir - not the most evocative of leather, but nice.

    Axe “Music” could be a Tuscan Leather flanker, they’re that similar.

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    Default Re: Your favorite leather?

    I tried Tom Ford Tuscan Leather yesterday, for a full wearing, and found it to be nothing but fruit in the last hours.

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    Default Re: Your favorite leather?

    Nostalgia by Santa Maria Novella, it reminds me of my late Uncle's 1967 Jaguar XJE, parked in the garage with the leather seats and gasoline fumes and oil soaked floors...nostalgia-1.jpg
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    Default Re: Your favorite leather?

    Refined opulent, majestic and surreal is TL and the dry down is mesmerizingly addictive.
    "Thank GOD for the nose, for without it we would not be enjoying these beautiful created Scents" also Remember "Balance is everything and the key to appreciating "

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    Default Re: Your favorite leather?

    Onda, but more than half the fragrances listed on the poll are excellent scents I'd be happy to own.

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    Default Re: Your favorite leather?

    Quote Originally Posted by Dane77 View Post
    I try to put just one fragrance per house in these polls
    This poll asks Your favorite leather?...not your favorite house


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    Default Re: Your favorite leather?

    I'm not going to vote because I haven't smelled a bunch of the choices, but I find myself drawn to Knize Ten. I'm at the very bottom of my sample. I really enjoy it, but I'll admit that my opinion may be unintentionally boosted a bit by the fact that it dates back nearly a century. Every time I wear it, I find myself getting lost in thoughts about people who may have been wearing it back in the roaring 20s. Who were they and what were they doing while wearing Knize Ten?
    Current Favorites (in no particular order)
    Royal Oud
    Rose 31
    Aqua Universalis
    Prada L'Homme
    Orange Sanguine
    Petit Matin
    1725 Casanova
    Hanae Mori H.M. EDT
    Tom Ford Extreme
    Noir De Noir

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    Default Re: Your favorite leather?

    There are really so many good ones on here. I guess this is my favorite genre. Antaeus is my favorite if that's counted as a leather. Of the ones listed, Puredistance M.
    My favorites in no particular order:

    Vintage Antaeus, Vintage Bel Ami, Puredistance M, Vetiver Extraordinaire, Tauer L'Air du Desert Marocain, MDCI Invasion Barbare, Morabito Or Black, Geranium Pour Monsieur, Avignon
    Currently wearing: M7 by Yves Saint Laurent

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    Default Re: Your favorite leather?

    Habit Rouge - but that's only because it's the only one I have.
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    Default Re: Your favorite leather?

    Cuir Ottoman - far and away the closest thing to Leather I have.
    Otherwise, Eau de Hermes & Eau Sauvage Fraicheur Cuir

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    Default Re: Your favorite leather?

    I've only tried 4 as of now. Tuscan Leather, Colonia Leather, Leather Oud, and Cuir Cannage. Cuir de Russie is on its way.

    As of now, Tuscan Leather is by far my favorite.
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    Default Re: Your favorite leather?

    Cocaine and Raspberries.

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    Default Re: Your favorite leather?

    My favorite of all time is Creed Royal English Leather.

    But Guerlain Derby is right up there also. And my new best friend: House of Matriarch Blackbird
    Current Spring Favorites:

    1. Creed - Spice & Wood
    2. by Kilian - Straight to Heaven
    3. Dior - Vetiver
    4. Clive Christian - 1872 for Men
    5. Tom Ford - Rive d’Ambre
    6. Ermenegildo Zegna - Javanese Patchouli
    7. Les Nez - Turtle Vetiver Back
    8. Tom Ford - Grey Vetiver EDP
    9. Creed - Green Valley
    10. Parfumerie Generale - Grand Siecle Intense 7.1

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