Just joined and really like this site. I have really grown to like Creed's Spice and Wood, and would like to find other fragrances in that vein. Any suggestions you folks have would be great -- happy to go buy some samples based on your thoughts, so fire away.

Not a huge fan of cinnamon scents, which the perfume shops keep saying are similar to Spice and Wood -- maybe they are, but not my nose == though happy to try if people have strong opinions. Sandalwood is nice, patchouli can be good but also overpowering. I bought GIT which I like but don't love. Aventus seems a bit too sweet to me. I think I like citrus, but have never found anything that great -- always seems a bit cloying. Not a fan of Oud -- makes me sad as I think I should love it, but 0/5 on samples. Not a huge fan of leather or tobacco -- but again game to try.

Hope that wasn't hopelessly confusing as I am a bit new to the hobby.

Thanks in advance for any/all help.