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    Thumbs up Lanvin L'Homme Sport - A Masculine Lemon or Hane Mori HM for Men

    I love HM by Hanae Mori, it has a fresh and bright and beautiful lemon top but, in its mid and base it goes VERY floral (Rose, Jasmine, Iris) and white musk, then ends in a blaze of gourmand glory with vanilla and chocolate. It is, simply put, feminine to the point of being unwearable for men. In fact, I've given HM EDP as a gift to a lady at work who absolutely adored it and I think that stuff would be ravishing on a beautiful girl. Enter Lanvin L'Homme Sport, the same bright Lemon top, minus the sweetness and instead of a floral mid you get pepper and moss mid with a patchoulli, spice and musk base.

    What we have here is basically a Lanvin fragrance in the same vein as Allure Homme Sport and Dior Homme Sport, Citrus and pepper with a musk/patchoulli base. The fragrance Lanvin Sport most resembles, however is Hanae Mori's HM, but, as I said, with the sweetness and feminine florals removed. It's a very versatile fragrance, wearable all year round. First spray you're immediately assaulted by lemon, then the pepper and spice comes in and a nice firm drydown that lasts around 6 hours. It's quality, especially for the price and definitely worth looking into if you want a fresh lemon pepper without the Chanel price tag or the Hanae Mori bridesmaid's floral bouquet.

    The frosted blue glass bottle is fun and handy for travel as the cap has a security feature to keep it on. This is great stuff, especially good for the one-cologne kind of guy just looking for that one scent he can wear everywhere, this stuff dresses up or goes casual easily. A very well done fragrance by Lanvin.


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    Default Re: Lanvin L'Homme Sport - A Masculine Lemon or Hane Mori HM for Men

    I forgot that i ordered this in ebay 10 days ago. Will contact the seller can't wait to try this now!

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    Default Re: Lanvin L'Homme Sport - A Masculine Lemon or Hane Mori HM for Men

    Also own Lanvin L'Homme Sport - Like it quite a bit.

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    Default Re: Lanvin L'Homme Sport - A Masculine Lemon or Hane Mori HM for Men

    Lanvin L'Homme Sport I own and like.
    But I think that you have just way too many subtractions from Hanae Mori to say they resemble each other. But then again, I could never detect the alleged chocolate note in Hanae Mori - which always left me scratching my head when people described it as a chocolate scent.

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    Default Re: Lanvin L'Homme Sport - A Masculine Lemon or Hane Mori HM for Men

    The Lanvin is a jolly little scent, I just wish it lasted/projected a little more. I'm happy to use my little bottle up but wouldn't purchase it again.

    The sweet lemon (perhaps in combination with the other notes) in HM never really pleased me that much and it takes ages for the chocolate to come through, if I remember it right.

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