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Thread: Serial Numbers?

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    Default Serial Numbers?

    Hi all

    Bought a bottle of Paco Rabanne One Million off eBay (yes, i know) and fairly convinced it's a fake, mainly due to it just not being anywhere near as strong as I remember it. Looked into it and read that on a lot of fakes the serial numbers differ from the box to the bottle. Mine are the same, but coincidentally I watched a video on fake vs real and the serial number on both my bottle and box were the same as the one on his box? Now I was under the presumption that the serial numbers are unique to every bottle, so in theory this should be impossible. Can anyone confirm this?

    Thought did occur to me that it could be a batch number...


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    Default Re: Serial Numbers?

    Although I personally don't pay attention to serial numbers on any purchases I make, my guess is that if the number on the bottle matches what's on the box, then there should be no reason for suspicion.

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    Default Re: Serial Numbers?

    Post a picture. yadda yadda How does it smell? Do a smell test next to a tester in a store.

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    Default Re: Serial Numbers?

    Cheers for the replies. Not really much point in posting pictures as from what I've seen of pictures of real ones it's pretty damn similar. Tester comparison is what I plan to do tommorrow.

    Second set of pictures on this thread - box matches almost exactly to the fake, but could this just be an old style layout?

    Edit: Smell is good, but can't remember exactly what genuine PR smells like but it's close. Issue is that it's much weaker than I remember it to be, and not sure about its longetivity. Only got it today but I distinctly remember being able to still smell it on my clothes the next day last time I wore it, so given a hoodie a couple of sprays and gonna smell it in the morning.

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    Default Re: Serial Numbers?

    Just a side note to everyone; authentic serial numbers CAN be placed on fake bottles. This has happened to me with a bottle of both Le Male, and Code.
    Both were confirmed fake (Le Male: Color of bottle was off, sprayer was definitely not what it is on an authentic le male, scent was different. Code = Sprayer was different, scent was off)

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    Default Re: Serial Numbers?

    It's fake. If you really want to be sure, post some pictures and i'll compare to my bottle.

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    Default Re: Serial Numbers?

    It may have just come from the grey market.
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